Alaska's got Problems

Although Gov. Palin resigned her position to do what she thought was best for the people of Alaska, she did so in a fashion consistent with inexperience and a lack of leadership. When she resigned she stated that the Lt. Governor, Sean Parnell, would be taking her place but who then would become Lt. Governor? Back in February, Palin selected Corrections Commissioner, Joe Schmit, as the third person in order of succession, meaning he’d become Lt. Governor now and at the time he had been confirmed by the state legislature but a funny thing happened, Schmidt doesn’t want the job now.

Schmidt said Wednesday that he didn’t expect Palin’s announcement last Friday that she will resign July 26. He wants to remain corrections commissioner to oversee projects such as construction of a new prison in Point MacKenzie, he said, and never thought he’d be needed to serve as lieutenant governor for anything other than a short-term emergency.

Schmidt, who went to the same high school as Palin, said he also worried about how people would perceive him being appointed, long-term, to an elected office.

So that’s why Palin in her resignation speech named Craig Campell as the new Lt. Governor but there is another problem, he can’t take the office of Lt. Governor without being confirmed by the Legislature which have already been adjourned for the summer. Oops. So now all the House and Senate members of the Alaskan legislature need to leave there hunting trips, fishing trips and vacations with family to have a special session to cover Palin’s ill conceived resignation plans. This of course will cost the taxpayers additional money but they very well may see it repaid. See while in their special session, the legislature might just decide to override Palin’s veto of Federal stimulus money, which they might have done anyway, but with an absent Govenor and a transitioning replacement there will be no one to press the legislature to stand by her earlier decission. So while Governor Palin might have done what’s best for herself she left the people of Alaska to clean up her mess.