The "Brilliance" of Barry the Hustler in Chief!

I, like all Americans have spent the last 4 1/2 years listening to the socialist ruling class elites and their propaganda machine espouse the mental superiority of one Barack Hussein Obama aka. Barry Soetoro. They have elevated his supposed intellect to equate it to Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Socrates, Galileo, Leonardo DaVinci, Stephen Hawking, Nikolai Tesla, and thousands more of Histories great minds. Yet there is one glaring problem that keeps them from solidifying this scenario. Barry’s not much more than a sharp street hustler with more hyperbole than substance and a slightly above average IQ.(avg. is 85)

If Barry were as sharp as touted they would be more than happy to release his academic records from Occidental College, Columbia, Harvard, or any of his published papers or articles from his community organizing days. As a matter of fact the only 2 touted publications by Shifty are his 2 books 1 of which was a miserable failure so poorly written that it was a privately paid for publishing. The second written after several years affiliation with Bill Ayers has an amazing new syntax, verse and writing style that was “inspired” by Mr. Ayers coaching Obama. So much so that it is almost a carbon copy of several books written by Bill the Bomber right down to the “definable writing styles”. And after personally researching with several members of Mensa, we could not find anywhere in their records of Barry ever being tested.

Now I am 10 years older than Barry and I was tested in the mid 60’s and the International Organization just celebrated its 65th. birthday, and has tested in every major population center on earth, so if he were as intelligent as portrayed he would have been tested somewhere while attending school either in Hawaii, Indonesia, California, New York or Massachusetts, wherever there was a Mensa chapter. To be recognized for membership you must have an IQ in the top 2 percentile as recognized by national or international standardized testing methodology. There are no records of either of his names in the records of his testing warranting any recognition of any level of genius or even border line above average intellect that would resemble a genius IQ.

So where oh where is the “Brilliant Barry” records and why someone of such great mental prowess is not showering us with his intellectual greatness beyond his oratorical skills while demonstrating his reading abilities. If he is as truly gifted in the IQ department, why would they not be flooding us with the proof of said gifts?

As a youth growing up in NYC I can remember the street hustlers in Times Square dealing 3 card Monty and impressed by how smooth they had their play down. Their banter was well rehearsed and their desired effect was the diversionary tactic to distract you from paying attention to what his hands were doing, rigging the game against you by removing the object that would allow you to win. They called it follow the queen and by the time they got done with their play the queen was never on the table or box in front of you and your money was as good as in their pocket. The espoused intellectual greatness of Barry is nothing more than a game of follow the queen.

We are being hustled and it is not just our money being taken but the very freedoms that we as Americans were born with. And in Barry they have the perfect front man, someone who they can manipulate and control yet someone who is polished enough in the art of deception to avoid the scrutiny that socialists and communists and progressives have been vilified for in the past. They now have their carnival barker that can convey their class warfare divisive Marxist message while quietly enacting the necessary infrastructure to supplant our Constitution.

Barack Hussein Obama is now dealing this country 3 card Monty while he enacts more than 4000 federal regulations not voted on in Congress and just recently signed another executive order #13575.

Fox Business coverage of Obama signing away more freedom in America

He has with his minions and puppet masters and the main sewer media propagandizing their agenda took this 235 year old Constitutional Republic with democratically elected representation and turned it into a totalitarian socialist state where the rule of law is now been supplanted by the rule of men. As of Nov. 24 2011 he has signed 101 executive orders that also bypass the aforementioned stop gaps that once defined our representation. This has been a trend by many presidents since the turn of the 20th. century with FDR holding the record with 3,728 in his tenure and 573 in 1933 alone.

It is not so much the proclivity of Barry’s orders as it is the orders themselves that tells the tale of the intended and instituted deception to hide the truth of his verifiable intellectual capabilities and starts the deception. His first order on 01/21/2009 the very first day of his administration he signed executive order 13489 and 13490 blocking any attempt for anyone to access any sitting or former POTUS’ official records if they do not wish them to be and the release of any said document must be reviewed and approved by both the POTUS and the Attorney General and reversing 2 previous executive orders from former POTUS’ that were demanded by the same main sewer media that now has amnesia about their boy Barry. His most recent explained in the video above received as much media attention as the first two did but the real difference is that we are even further down the road of a fascist totalitarian socialist democracy that is now under mob rule.

And he is not alone in this and has allies all around and from both sides of the aisle because the “ruling class elite” our own version of the dukes and barons of foregone monarchal rule that are willing to supplant our civil liberties to maintain their power.

They have moved their agenda of a one world order with the United Nations as the ruling body and not our elected representatives. They have moved past the laws of this Republic and are fast approaching the point of no return. And the latest attempt in the Senate to remove another barrier is with the ” National Defense Authorization Act” (S.1867)

The U.S. Senate is moving to enact a law that would allow military troops to march on U.S. soil and arrest American citizens with no due process, no trial, no legal representation and no protection under the Bill of Rights. Americans could be thrown in secret military prisons, interrogated, tortured and held indefinitely without ever being charged with a crime!

We are one step further down the road to socialist fascism and the front man for their grand plan is well suited, he has no morals or honor and never let the truth get in the way of a good lie, just like any good con man. He has a 100 watt smile and can be smooth and charming which are common traits for a skilled deceiver. He is narcissistic and in private condescending and self righteous believing his own hype and that also is a necessary trait for a good con to work, the person doing the conning has to convince everyone including himself that it is not a con for it work. And you must have a supporting cast to complete the con and he has one in his Czars and the Democrat party and the unions and the media. If you doubt this watch an oldie but a goodie of a movie called “The Sting” I just re-watched it and realized that we are being played like Doyle Lonnigan the mark in the movie.

Now watchy here for the lady don’t’ look at the gents keep your eyes on the lovely lady of the hears she’ll steal your soul, don’t blink she moves fast she’ll break your heart or make you rich watch here the lady disappear!

The Lady is called LIBERTY!

Dr. Keith C. Westbrook Ph.D.