A letter to Ella Anne pt.2: Happy 1st. Birthday

Your first year of life, unfortunately it’s under Marxist Socialist Rule:


Well it’s been a very special year this your first year of life as my granddaughter and a citizen of the United Socialist States America! The Marxist socialist ruler who is playing president to the camera, has behind our backs continued to destroy this Republic and its freedoms with illegal regulations and usurpations of the law. In just the month before your 1 year birthday he passed 607 federal regulations and added $28,400 to your future debt. (I am so sorry you will be paying a bill you do not deserve to pay)

The bullies have made it clear Ella that they are not going to give up everything they have lied, cheated and stolen easily. They have 144 years invested in their war to take over this Republic and destroy its rule of law. They have turned the main sewer media loose on any and all that do not lock step with their socialist manifesto. They call citizen Patriots like your grandpa, terrorist’s and question the very core beliefs of the majority of the people because they are nothing more than the gutless cowards all bullies are. When you were born 1 year ago I wrote you about these bullies and how to handle them. We started to fight them and then the people we chose to represent us in that fight became bullies (COWARDS) themselves. They chose to avoid their principles and more importantly their word of honor with the people who put them there when the bullies started calling them names and telling lies about them. It was easier for them to quit when it got hard rather than to chose not to.

And that is what my life, your life and everyone’s life is Ella, CHOICES. For many years even before your mom and dad were born we chose to let the government try and help fix stuff that we should have stopped them from fixing and said NO we will fix it ourselves. We saw people suffering from the acts of stupid people who saw nothing but color instead of character and protected them. We saw people who did not have enough to eat and we decided to feed them instead of helping them learn to feed themselves. We saw people who needed help with living everyday and decided to live their lives for them. We saw some injustice and decided it was everywhere and had to be stopped even if it meant the innocent would be punished. We allowed people to take away from us more than they gave us in the name of equality and fairness. We bankrupted yours and everyone’s future because the people we put in charge of all of this were the real criminals.

I guess that is what I am trying to say here is a really important lesson that I and others like me have had to learn at a cost that is now too high for us to pay and is being passed onto you unfairly. Every choice you make in life has a consequence. Like a very smart man that hopefully you will someday learn about who is one of your pop-pops’ heroes once said: “for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction”. We thought they were doing the right things and we stopped paying attention and then never asked them any questions about what they were doing in our names to our country and our way of life. We gave them our trust and they used it to enslave first those they were supposed to be helping and then us. Ella when you stop doing for yourself and expect others to do something for you it never gets done the way you want it and they will always think of themselves first when doing it. And in the end the cost is greater than the loss of whatever it is you think you will have to pay. When you choose to let others make your world a better place it will never be as you think it should be but as they think it should and no two people will ever completely agree on everything. And when you give too few too much power they cannot help themselves they will stop thinking about what is best for you and start thinking how they can keep that power. You will learn given the opportunity that you will never agree with everyone you meet in life, you don’t have to, they have the right to be different, but they do not have the right to force you to be something they think you should be. Everyone in this country has the right to live, the right to be free and to not take those 2 things from anyone else no matter what you think or how you feel.

It is the most important thing that makes this country different from anywhere else on earth because we started it with that idea. It is the first part of what would become the greatest form of government created. That the power that we give to our lawmakers is just that: given to them and that they work for all of us not just some of us. That their decisions are supposed to be based on the “will of the people” not what they think is right for us, but what we tell them what we think is right for us. Because of the special power we entrusted to them they now think like kings and rulers in history that they are better or smarter or more qualified to decide what is best for us then we are. That is called arrogance and they are filled with it along with a lot of other bad things as most bullies are.

We are trying to take the bullies from the playground so we can now play an honest game and restore what you deserve and should expect from being born an American. That you are not entitled to pay the debt of freeloaders and thieves that have stolen everything that was promised to others for those who refuse to help themselves. That you are entitled to an unaltered Constitution that is honored by democratically elected representatives that uphold and defend it against all enemies both foreign and domestic and will lay down their lives to do so. That the God given rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are your birth rights and that no one has the right to take away no matter what they say is the cause. That you are a Daughter of Liberty earned by your Grandfathers service to his country and if necessary will be paid again to set things right.

That you choose to be free to be the very best Ella Anne and to give to your country the very best things of you, to make it as great or greater than it once was, and will be again!


Pop Pop