A letter to Ella Ann


Ella Ann:

My name is Keith C. Westbrook or to you in the start of your life poppop or grandpa. When your mom and dad told us that you were going to be our first grandchild everything in our lives, in my life changed from that moment on. We love your mom and dad, but there is something about knowing that a part of me and your grandmother will live on through you, not just the DNA but the essence of what our lives have been, has changed us forever. You are the embodiment of all our hopes and dreams for a brighter future than ours and our chance to live on, past what our mortal existence allows.
But what will that future bring to you and those that will share it with you I cannot foresee, all I can do is tell you that I am fighting today so you can have the tomorrow I would want for myself. To be FREE to experience all that life has to offer, to love with all of your heart and to grow and become the best you, in the greatest most free nation on earth.
It is a very tumultuous time in the history of this country, we have for many years let ourselves believe that the things we cherish the most: freedom, honor, family were sacred and could never be taken from us: WE WERE WRONG!
When I was born many years ago in the middle of the last century in 1953 it was a very different time than the one you will experience. We were very naive about many things and happy to be so, there was an innocence and a belief that our great Republic with its foundation in the Constitution was always going to be the shining star of this little blue marble spinning in space.
We had problems: I remember things that (if they write history as it really happened) we faced every day that were scary, we sat on the brink of technology that some were willing to use to destroy this planet. ( Mutually Assured Destruction) The people in charge of all of the countries could not then and still not today try to understand each other and if they cannot agree or get along, take from the other person what they have and don’t want them to have. (like the bullies you will meet in the school yard one day).(kick their ass!)
And it was not just the bullies from the other neighborhoods it was our own bullies here in our neighborhood who hid from everyone while they schemed and planned to take away what made this country and we the people great, because they feared it and us.
Ella: bullies are more afraid of you that you are of them, ALL bullies are cowards deep inside and to keep you from seeing that fear they hide it by attacking what they fear the most!
The most cherished and fought over of these things is FREEDOM! It frightens me to think that you may never get to live your life with this being the most cherished and fought over right endowed to us.
Will you ever get the chance to really know and understand “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, and they endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Among these rights are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”?
Will you ever get to choose for yourself, to be educated not indoctrinated by a system corrupt by people who believe that we are inferior because they chose to spend their lives corrupted by sick minds. People who believed that, because they spent most of their life being “educated” that they were above everyone else?
Will you get the chance to choose this countries leaders by Democratic vote or will the ruling class elitist that was born of this indoctrination system, take from you a sacred right that people today, treat carelessly! That their freedom is an inconvenience not a privilege few others in this world share?
Will you get to live in a country of, by and for the people and more importantly will you truly understand what this really means? That it was founded and created as a country that the free will of the people not anyone person or government was in charge! It was founded on the principals that the only power it has was granted to it by the people?
Will you get to share your life with someone special without the constraints of a government controlling your lives every day in the name of social justice and the “good of the people”?
Will you get to have children and raise those children in a free society governed by the will of the people?
I hope and pray that you will, but I also am now at war for those rights for you! I have not taken up arms against my country and pray everyday that it never comes to that. I fight with truth and facts and words and deeds to show these bullies (that we call the “ruling class” elitists’) that I will not allow them to deprive you of what this country is supposed to be as created by the laws that govern it.
I raise my voice now when their propaganda machine that at one time was our media and news (our 4th Estate) lies to me! I raise my mind to seek the truth in all things especially what is in the hearts of the those chosen to represent us! I chose to serve others instead of turning my back and became involved with life instead of sitting on the sidelines when others needed me!
I choose to live without fear or correctness or concern that the truth spoken will damage others who are incapable of dealing with the truth!
I choose to make a difference not for me but for you!
I am in the twilight of my years as once written, it would be easy for me to just sit back and let it all just take its course. I have fought my battles on several continents and bare the scars from my wounds and the losses in my heart. I have buried many of my loved ones and as of this writing wake every day with the reminders of a foolish, brazen youth!
I have taken lives in defense of this country and defend her honor more today than ever before in my life and I regret no action or path that would take me from being your grandpa.
But the battle once again requires the patriot warrior, and that is what I am, not because I want to be but because I have to be. This country has many of us that once were patriot warriors, but we have forgotten or chosen to let the patriot warrior rest and lived other lives. You see a patriot warrior is not someone who takes up arms and starts wars but someone who ends them. A patriot warrior defends the truth, honors his country, defends its laws, protects its citizens, and provides for its future!
And it is your future my granddaughter that I now fight for and will sacrifice my remaining years to ensure you have one! I give it without hesitation or fear, other than it being in vain, that you will be blessed by living in the country that I grew up in with all the freedoms and opportunities it entails.
That you will never worry that your government is destroying the foundations of freedom that created it and ignoring your voice as they ignore ours now!
That your life be lived in the United States of America with its Declaration of Independence and its Constitution and Bill of Rights still intact and still sacred. That its government of the people, by the people and for the people has not perished from this earth!
I love you Ella Ann and pray that I am alive when this makes sense but if not I give my life freely so you may never have to make that choice!
And that you live the life you choose to live!
I love YOU!
Your Poppop