The Leftists Economic Ideology: Illegal Seizure of Wealth

What’s your is mine and mine is mine!

The useful idiots and the government educated have forgotten or flat out refuse to recognize their role in their own economic destruction. How many times in the course of just recent history have they been the unwitting pawns of the socialist/communist ideologue ruling class elite wannabe’s who have manipulated them “like a harp from hell” to paraphrase. The ruling class elite’s have done their best to obscure the facts on their core belief systems flaws, but anyone who has a modicum of intellect and the willingness to remove the blinders can see the TRUTH!


Throughout the history of the “OLD WORLD”  there has always been a hierarchical or monarchial form of governing not government. The populace was ruled by a single leader that either accepted the council of an elite group usually of elders who were considered wise because they managed to survive into their 30’s, or a council chosen by the ruler to assist him with usually waging war to acquire wealth. This was and still is the predominate form of rule of law for 10,000 plus years. The “communist” and “socialist” countries despite their propaganda to the contrary have a singular “party head” who’s last word is final. The list of these “leaders” of the people is also the history of the greatest mass murderers in this planets history:

Communist leaders such as Joseph Stalin, Kim Il Sung, Mao Tse-tung, Ho Chi Minh and Pol Pot—should be the centerpiece of any net assessment of communism.

Socialist leaders such as Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro,Vladimir Lenin and Francisco Franco these are also the central cast when judging socialism.

What they all have in common is a middle to upper middle class upbringings and all of them had opportunities that the classes of people that they “so strongly represented” never had. Everyone of them was also a student of history and of the earliest forms of socialism dating all the way back to 18th. century France.

Modern socialism originated from an 18th-century intellectual and working class political movement that criticized the effects of industrialization and private property on society. Utopian socialists such as Robert Owen (1771–1858), tried to found self-sustaining communes by secession from a capitalist society. Henri de Saint Simon (1760–1825), who coined the term socialism, advocated technocracy and industrial planning. Saint-Simon, Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx advocated the creation of a society that allows for the widespread application of modern technology to rationalize economic activity by eliminating the anarchy of capitalist production that results in instability and cyclical crises of overproduction.

Every single communist/socialist leader above used severely recessed or depressed economies and the poorest of those countries citizens to create their army of dissidents and fostered hatred towards those that had more, despite how that gain was achieved. And while they spoke of great economic gains and a level playing field for all but the evil producers, every single country suffered even worse economic conditions under communist/socialist rule. The only countries to stave off this condition for extreme lengths of years were the ones that took from other countries and started world wars in the process. In the 1950’ and 60’s in Soviet Union people stood in lines for 8-10 hours just for 3 day old bread. And as the populace suffered they became the new ruling class that engorged themselves with the wealth they had stolen from all the evil producers that created the wealth they now suckled.

The modern day socialist/communist ruling class elites have been using the “useful idiots” they have created for many years now to stoke the fires of discontent, class envy and hatred for the producers who in large part are the backbone of the economic success that free market economies that they the “useful idiots” themselves have benefitted by. In the recent uprisings that these elites have been fostering in many countries, they have stirred the pot of discontent by using the have-not’s vs. the haves as the breaking point to create social unrest and riots to force political change and open the door for their opportunity to take over and rule. The riots throughout the Middle East, North Africa and even here in the United States is not altruistic on their part it is for the sole purpose of establishing one thing, THEIR CONTROL over the populace and the acquisition and control over that countries wealth. One of the first acts committed in the recent Egyptian riots was the theft and vandalism at their museums and homes of wealthy, stealing and or destroying thousands of years of their own history as well as the theft of public and private wealth. Whenever riots have occurred one of the first acts committed here has been the looting of local business’, stealing and destroying the property from one of their own neighbors or a producer who has brought economic opportunity to the community.

Hitler stole massive amounts of wealth from all over Europe on his socialist rampage, Mussolini looted Italy’s entire banking system and bankrupted the country on his mega-maniacal tirade of fascism, Stalin wiped out over 10 million producers (mostly Jews) and confiscated their entire wealth to support his personal agenda of genocide on his own people. Not a single member of any ruling class, politburo, ruling council, in any communist or socialist party in any current country that has or had a communist or socialist form of government is forced to live at the standard of living that they enforce on their people. Why do you think that is, and why do you think they were in it for the “people”?

They are in it for the power to control you, and they can best control you when they control your wealth and your health.

I believe it was Lenin himself who introduced to Russia the famous phrase “who, whom?”– during the early years of Soviet rule the byword in which the people summed up the universal problem of a socialist society. Who plans whom, who directs and dominates whom, who assigns to other people their station in life, and who is to have his due allotted by others? These become necessarily the central issues to be decided solely by the supreme power.

And now we are facing the same exact conditions that have created the social unrest and economic distress that sparked the violent revolutions that led to the formation of the aforementioned socialist/communist parties are being created here by the usurper and the leftist ruling class elites in this country. Make no mistake it is here and here now and only the elites will gain if it is successful. The GM’s & GE’s, the Soros’, the Unions, the propaganda media, the ideologues who have invested in their agenda. They have created an army of thugs through years of indoctrination through government schools, unions and the freeloader class they created with their programs. They have vilified anyone that created or achieved in any endeavor that does not aspire to socialist rule or believes in themselves and the opportunities that free market economics creates. They spew their bile of hateful rhetoric and duplicitous lies and propagate it with the fertilizer of a propaganda machine in the guise of “free and open press” that is anything but honest, objective, factual, truthful, or representative of the facts. And when they unleash this thug army it will be with the sole purpose of creating total social and economic destruction of all who are identified as earners or achievers as enemies of the state.  They are planning on seizing in the process all private wealth in every single non-government run pension, bank account and business. They have already shown their hands on many occasions.


This will all be done for the “betterment of the working class” and to support the “hard working” unions that are ready to default or are in default because of their fiscal malfeasance and theft by their own elected officials. It is also because our elected officials have stolen every single cent from the Social Security trust funds to create and support the moocher class they now rely on for their staying in office and their thug army that is now being trained and readied for street warfare






It is coming and if the winds of change threaten them even a little more than it already has with the formation of the TEA parties, they will use this crisis to suspend Constitutional rule of law and take over this country, they will suspend all elections and all government functions that could threaten their grand plan for the OUTRIGHT DESTRUCTION OF OUR WAY OF LIFE! The pushback from their thug army is already showing its ugly disdain for this country and all it represents:











This is just the tip of the iceberg, the left is only interested in their agenda and we the American people who truly believe in the American Dream for ourselves and our posterity are now their enemy, as they have declared it to be. So the rules of engagement are now identified and they have shown once again that their only concern is what someone will do for them or give to them so they don’t have to live with the knowledge that they are a waste of resources with no redeemable qualities and are not deserving of being American or living in this the greatest of all countries on earth!



In Freedom,

Dr. Keith C. Westbrook Ph.D.


The sooner the better!