Spare the air?

Today I speak from a city in a “spare the air” environmental fraud alert.  Never mind what city, it could be anywhere.  We are experiencing a beautiful week-end day with temperatures soaring into the mid 70’s.  The normal off shore fog has been dissipated by a high pressure area and temperatures will rise for the next two days.  It is an ideal day to fire up the outdoor cooker kick back, and relax and if the urge for a little cooked meat strikes, grill a little for the wife and me..  Maybe even sip an adult beverage or two. 


I notice the radio calling for extreme measures, stay indoors if you have respiratory illness, don’t burn or cook outdoors, don’t mow the lawn, don’t turn on a washer or dryer or use air conditioning and don’t use vehicles unnecessarily; all in the name of what?  The air has been absorbing carbon molecules for as long as there has been oxidation.  Someone today knows something that we did not know twenty years ago?  They ought to tell the wild fire in Santa Barbara and the car fire out on the freeway about the “spare the air” day.  I do not believe man has the power to ruin the air by his cooking fires.  Even his vehicle use is unlikely to have an effect although I do not see why rail transport is not electrical.   If you want to attack some source of carbon entry into the atmosphere why not go after the really big one — power generation.  What  if the spare the air day said in effect that the air is likely to be hot today so we are turning off all our natural gas and coal fired power plants and relying entirely on the newly build nuclear plants for our power today.  We will turn the nuclear plants up on high for the next few days and turn them back down when the air alert is over.


If the announcement read like the above, even I would have to accept that the “believers” were at least being consistent.  Even the current idea of running power generation from reservoirs when we should be conserving water is crazy.  How can this logic not be seen by anyone who can read?  Folks, the man-made global warming scam will eventually be seen for what it is.  (A giant tax and spend scheme favoring the current players – green companies, green researchers, General Electric, and democrat voters.)  We are nowhere near able to model the ocean and sky and our measurements show only the normal fluctuations of warming and cooling that could be attributed to the solar energy fluctuations.  I agree with scientists keeping watch, but they should not be profiting from their support for what is clearly an anti-growth, anti-freedom, and anti-logic message.