Obama and the Indians-This land is your land? This land is my land! Stage 2

If you are just joining me in this rabbit hole without reading my Stage 1 postfor background, you might want to hop out and do that first.  There’s some background in that one which this post is built upon.  That ended with bill to give the Secretary of the Interior the ability to decide which tribe becomes federally recognized, thus enabling him to take land into trust for those tribes.  What you need to know is there is a huge push by the green movement to expand on reservations. 

Van Jones, our former Green Jobs Czar addressed this in his infamous speech.  Carl Pope, Executive Directer of the Sierra Club wrote an opinion piece on clean energy jobs in the Bimidji Pioneer, a newspaper in a town in northern MN just miles away from the Leech Lake Reservation. 

The Senate must fight back against these old polluting industries and tell them it’s time to pay their fair share.

More redistribution of wealth can be found from Earthjustice, Indigenous Environmental Network, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy and the Sierra Club who are all working together on environmental activities in various Midwest states.  At a D.C. conference “Good Jobs, Green Jobs” in Feb 2009 sponsored  by the Blue-Green Alliance, Winona Duke spoke on this as well.

(For a picture of Van Jones with Winona Duke, a leading American Indian environmental activist, click here)

Winona Duke of Honor the Earth told of her Ojibwa people’s 2000 year old prophecy for today: two paths lie before us. One is well worn but scorched; the other new & green. Indians want apprenticeships & training to tap the wind power potential of reservations, America’s windiest places, as 25% of all U.S. power could come from Indian lands.

This conference was a mix of

about 2,700 labor, environmental, agency, community, and faith-based advocates with the intent on working together to urgently push forward the new green economy to not only save the plant but also the people. The conference was organized by the Blue-Green Alliance, of which the United Steelworkers and the Sierra Club are founding members.

The problem with all this is, as we have seen in Spain, green jobs actually hurt communities and lower jobs.  The American Indian leadership is being taken over by people who will move the Indian Nation into socialism.  Complete dependence on the State.  The very ones who are saying they will help them are going to shackle them even tighter unless they can break free.  The Indian Nation must return to the wisdom of their ancient forefathers and fight against a federal government who would take the remaining freedoms they have.  They need a return to the spirit and wisdom of ages.  There is a hand held out to them in hope but the other hand is hidden and is holding ropes and chains. 

And there is the possibility for a Stage 3 as well.