Only 24% of Americans think Cap and Trade is about the environment

This disgusts me.  Frankly, I’m appalled and embarassed for my fellow countrymen.  I can understand how easy it is to tune out the news sometimes and just watch mindless tv.  I do it myself (or my husband makes me when I start throwing things at the tv again).  But we have a duty and a responsibility in this country to try to keep our politicians in check.  To educate ourselves and to make informed decisions when we get to the polling booths.  We need to know what is going on in Washington because it really does affect all of us.   This has been around in the news and online. 

Here is the breakdown of the Rasmussen poll:

cap nad trade ignorance.png

For those of you who don’t know, excluding redstate regulars of course,

Broadly speaking, cap-and-trade proposals involve having the government set limits on what pollutants can be emitted. Then it auctions off permits for certain emissions and allows companies to trade the permits as needed.

The companies buying those permits will then send the added cost on to us, the consumer.  So it is a new energy tax and the lower to middle classes will be the hardest hit.  Simple yet amazing, isn’t it?  And they don’t understand it!  More think it’s about Wall Street.  And 30 % are just openly clueless.  I wonder how many guessed and got lucky?