Is Pelosi the latest to be thrown under the Obama bus?

Looking at events this week, I’d say yes.  I am just as happy as anyone that Nancy P. is (hopefully) getting her just desserts.  (Happy dance)  But something is bothering me.  Why is the White House so quiet on this subject this week?  Why are CNN, MSM and others in attack mode when usually they would be circling the wagons and spitting bluster everywhere?  People in Congress are not standing by her.  What is going on behind the scenes?  Do I sound cynical?  I feel cynical.  I don’t trust anything that happens with the Dem leadership and this administration.  They are masters at making us look at the right hand while the left hand steals more of our freedoms and spends more money. 

I think we need to be especially diligent in the next few weeks in watching what they all are doing.  We need to dig deeper and uncover what they’re doing and why.  We can’t underestimate this administration.  They are brilliant at controlling the media and public attention.  Am I starting to feel paranoid?  I hope it’s unfounded.  I’d really like to be wrong about this but I think there’s something really big in the works that they don’t want us to see.