Are Tea Partiers coming apart at the seams?

It sounds like it according to an email from one Tea Party organizer.  Eric Odom, from TaxDayTeaParty.com, sent out an email sounding disappointed that things were not moving forward the way he had hoped in the aftermath.   Read the whole Huff Post article here.

 I’m writing you because I find the Tea Party effort in a very disconcerting position at the moment…

Since day one, I’ve strongly held the opinion that there should never be an “official” coalition or group to “oversee” the Tea Party effort. In fact, my belief is that doing so is impossible.

This caused problems between myself and a couple other national organizers because some of us shared vastly different opinions on how this movement should function.

Yes, we had a website. And yes, our website had sponsors (some of which, by the way, I was not very happy about), but I believe our sponsors did help us get an early nudge that we needed for mass attention, and in turn, mass collaboration.

But to me that should have been the end of it. In my view, our goal should have always been to simply facilitate an environment where local organizers could take the lead in this movement.

Sure, our website had difficulties… but that was a learning process for us and one we learned great lessons from. That said, we did everything possible to stay out of the way of local organizers. We didn’t try and tell organizers what to do or say, we just tried to provide advice and help others share their experiences.

Essentially, our function as a website was solely to market local Tea Parties and help organizers collaborate. That was it!

After saying this though, Odom goes on to give talking points which don’t seem to be in the spirit of the parties themselves.  He tells people to focus on healthcare, card check and internet taxation.  Well, wait a minute.  This does not sound like standing for lower taxes and out of control spending.  He does tell them to focus on local issues and organizing locally after that. 

Keeping in the spirit of the parties will keep the movement alive.  If leaders, whether they want to be or not, get distracted by side issues, we’re lost.  The comments after this article in the Huffington Post are full of giggling libs.  The carnivores are salivating, waiting for any sign of weakness and that’s just what Odom showed them.