Cow eaten by hungry men

I’m sorry.  I thought this article was funny as much as a sad state of our country right now.  A story from the AP tells of an 18 and 21year old stealing a calf, killing it with arrows then cutting off steaks and eating it at their campsite.  They were unemployed and hungry. 

Stubbe said the two “decided they wanted something to eat,” led the calf out of the barn, shot it with arrows and cut its throat.

The two gutted the animal and sliced off steaks, leaving the carcass behind, the investigator said.

They were arrested and arraigned Wednesday on burglary charges. Police said more charges are pending, including cruelty to animals.

While I don’t advocate theft, they picked a prime cut of meat to steal.  The worst part of this story, though, is that they could be facing cruelty to animals charges which is rediculous.  Yes, they should be tried for burglery and theft.  But are they saying that deer hunting with a bow and arrow is cruelty?  Does that make all hunting and all the American Indian traditions illegal?  Boy Scouts?  I can see PETA jumping on this one very quickly!