Stop HR 1388 group aims at concealed spending in “reauthorization” bill

In less than 48 hours, the Facebook Group Stop HR 1388 drew more than 2,100 members hoping to block passage of HR 1388, known in the House as the GIVE bill. GIVE is an appropriate title, because that’s exactly what this bloated bill will require of American taxpayers. Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) wants this bill pushed on to the Senate, asking that a cloture vote occur on Monday, March 23 at 6 p.m.; and  if cloture is invoked, then postcloture time will count as if cloture had been invoked at 3 p.m. that day. Further, Reid asked that the mandatory quorum be waived. Here’s the rub: the bill is being called the National Service Reauthorization Act. Problem is the “reauthorization” contains amendments that vastly increase spending and that also trample on states’ and individual rights.

Section 1201, School-based Allotments, has been amended to expand programs for elementary and secondary school students. “Purpose-based school learning programs” basically will require students to “meet community needs with demonstrable results.” Like all government results, those in this amendment will be subjective. Included are costs for “providing professional development for teachers, supervisors, personnel from community-based agencies (particularly with regard to the recruitment, utilization, and management of participants), and trainers, to be conducted by qualified individuals or organizations that have experience with service-learning…” Maybe they can include a spelling champ in the mix. The bill as written misspells the word ‘development.’

Section 112 covers allotments: “Minimum Amount- For any fiscal year for which amounts appropriated for this subtitle exceed $50,000,000, the minimum allotment to each State (as defined in subsection (b)(2)) under this section shall be $75,000.”

Amendment 38 includes a new activity under the Opportunity Corps focused on a musician and artists corps program that helps meet educational needs in low income communities. Public libraries are full of art for the asking.

Campuses of Service will be designated. Amendment 41 (numbered 4 printed in House Report 110-39) authorizes a new grant program, the Volunteer Generation Fund, to be administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service. When you hear the word ‘grant’ in a federal document, the taxpayer cash register goes bing, bing, bing at high velocity.

Amendment 48 (numbered 10 printed in House Report 111-39) creates a National Service Reserve Corps and requires an annual service requirement of at least 10 hours and/or annual training.

The alleged projected cost for this expanded “volunteerism” program is $3 per American in 2010. If you are a taxpayer as opposed to a tax recipient, be aware you will pick up the tab for those who do not pay. If you read the entire bill and the amendments, it is questionable whether $3 is even slightly realistic as some program costs are pegged to inflation.

As our country teeters on financial collapse, that the Congress is considering a funds-laden bill with a benign title like the National Service Reauthorization Act is astounding. That this act calls for mandatory service by young children is even more troublesome.

Media outlets are apparently (and predictably) unaware this bill is proceeding unchallenged. Taxpayers will be aware when we get the bill for yet another massive social program that delivers far less than desired results if it delivers any at all. Facebook Group Stop HR 1388 is asking everyone to contact their senators and ask them to vote ‘no’ on this bill.

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