Turkey revelry in Washington: U.S. legislators give thanks

Most of us will say abundant gratitudes on Thursday for family, friends and a roof over our heads, but our elected officials in Washington have some rather unique blessings to offer thanks for. Take Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) Rangel will probably say something like, ‘I’m grateful I’m not going to jail like Wesley Snipes for screwing up my own taxes. Or for helping a major donor get a major tax break. Rangel is one of a number who made serious errors in ethics that did little in the way of political harm.

There’s Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.)for instance. Dodd could just say a quick ‘I appreciate it’ for media and voters not being able to add 2+2. Because Dodd’s sweetheart loan deal could creatively be construed as a gift—multiply his savings over the life of the loan. Nobody’s figured out Dodd’s situation is very comparable to that of convicted felon (former) Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK.)

Then there’s Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) He might say thanks because no IndyMac employee has lobbed a frozen turkey at him, since Schumer’s leaked letter caused a run on the bank and many employees lost their jobs just before the holidays.

Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) should say extreme thanks for potential foreclosure help on mortgages. He may need it. The Palm Beach Post, a newspaper with a definite liberal lean, reported :“[h]is campaign held a second mortgage until this year on a West Palm Beach house that’s now in foreclosure.” The self-dubbed ‘fire-breathing liberal’ also allegedly amended 25 FEC reports going back to 2001. The campaign shifted money around by a sophisticated method allegedly in hopes of increasing earnings on cash in hand [Orlando Sentinel.]

Then there’s Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) Lucky ducky (or in the spirit of the season, turkey). He won’t go to trial on corruption and bribery charges until 2009—the judge pushed the trial date back just in time for Thanksgiving revelry.

Some might say Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) should say thanks she gets to keep her post as Speaker of the House. A lesser woman (or any Republican) might be fired for permitting so many infractions. Or for promising us a more honorable Congress when Democrats took control in 2006.

And there’s a special something all Democrats should say thanks for—all the love standard media gives the liberal party who can, in the minds of newspapers like The New York Times and Washington Post and pundits like Chris Matthews, do absolutely nothing wrong enough to necessitate skulking home from Washington.

Those are but a few of the gratitudes Washington politicos should express when they sit down at their tables on Thursday. Most of all, those politicos should say thanks for all the turkeys in the U.S., those who voted to put them in office.

First posted at The US Report.