About that $150k: Dear Republican National Committee

Dear RNC,

RNC donor here—McCain campaign donor too.

I’ve followed news reports about money spent on Gov. Sarah Palin’s large family—clothing, baby goods, what have yous. Gov. Palin is in the news 24/7 it seems; Democratic media just cannot get enough of our vice-presidential candidate. And now we’re talking line items on financial disclosures.

Now I saw Sen. John McCain tonight on the news. He said the items purchased for Gov. Palin and her family will be donated to charity once the campaign ends. But I am a little confused. I mean, money is money, right?

Remember that *Greek temple *at the Democratic National Convention? I never did see a price tag on that. Could you ask a major media outlet what that cost? Where did the Obama campaign donate the temple once their political revival ended? I hope it was put to good use. Betcha Michael Pfleger would be right at home in that temple.

And I confess now that clothing and sundries are drawing so much attention, I’m beginning to notice other politicos’ appearances. Even Democratic media wonders about Sen. Joe Biden’s Botox possibilities. Say it ain’t so, Joe! Did Michelle Obama get a makeover? Are those designer dresses she’s wearing?

And it’s not just money that worries me. Did the Democratic National Convention offset all that carbon from those tons of fireworks at said revival? We don’t have to worry about all those little American flags that were going to be tossed. The McCain campaign recycled them. I mean if we’re going to question what these campaigns do, in the interest of democracy, shouldn’t we be fair and look at everything? Shouldn’t we investigate every decision by both parties?

Another question. Is there a donor out there—and the donor will absolutely have to be charged with a felony to qualify—who would give Gov. Palin a chic lot in William Ayers and Louis Farrakhan’s neighborhood to build a house so she and her fam can move in with instant equity? Maybe Rep. Charles Rangel could help her figure the interest deduction on her taxes since he’s such a whiz at his own income tax form.

Now going back to the bucks spent on the Palin family, I figure you’re having to buy stuff because it’s not like they can run back and forth to Alaska, right? And according to that article at ABC News, the money appears to have been spent in the U.S. We certainly could use a little more consumer spending here at home!

Did you know supporters of Sen. Obama outsourced two major fundraiser events to Europe? How much of that green stuff benefited clothing stores, jewelers, restaurants, servers, limos and hotels? I am so glad the Democrats are helping our European friends out.

The questions could go on and on, at least if we think creatively, and I guarantee you I am one creative donor.

In closing, please give Gov. Palin my warmest regards. I intend to send another donation tomorrow to help some of our GOP candidates face off against those fun-loving Democrats in the Congressional races. And as long as you put the money I send you towards the battle for the White House or Congress, I honestly don’t care what you do with it. However you spend it, it helps the U.S. economy.

And by the way, since we’re talking money, I truly believe Gov. Palin would never earmark $3 million of taxpayer money *for an organization headed by a former priest who is listed on the official Archdiocese of Chicago ‘Sexual Misconduct with a Minor’ list. That would be *Sen. Obama’s earmark—part of the nearly *$1 billion *he requested in the short time he spent in the Senate.

Did I mention the $3 million earmark went to a program involving children?

Best wishes in our upcoming election,A Palin fan in Florida

P.S. Feel free to share this letter with Democratic media outlets—ABC, CNN, MSNBC and especially, The New York Times! Tell ’em to check out a couple other Obama earmarks. I heard he made some clients of David Axelrod very very happy!

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