Obama decries outsourcing, but supporters outsource fundraising

Sen. Barack Obama delivered his customary rousing speech in Abington, Pennsylvania on Friday, pitching talking points directly to the constituency he calls the “middle class.” The Ambler Gazette reported, “Obama said he wants to end the economic crisis by creating jobs through investing in renewable sources of energy, discouraging companies from *outsourcing jobs to foreign countries *…” Considering the fundraisers his supporters hosted overseas, the senator may want to read up on what the term ‘outsourcing’ means. He probably should take a look at how economists define the term ‘middle class’ as well.

George Clooney hosted the Geneva fundraiser, and another supporter hosted a fundraiser in London. Both were widely publicized by media but not a single reporter could wrap his or her mind around the significance. Consider what is involved in holding an upscale fundraiser; at one event, dinner tickets were $10,000 a plate. Here’s what Obama supporters may have spent money on overseas:

  1. Catering and food supplies; serving supplies
  2. Wine and other alcoholic beverages; lots of designer water products
  3. Flowers and other decorative items
  4. Party Favors
  5. Shopping associated with attending an upscale do or shopping just for fun
  6. Hotel and other lodging fees
  7. Cab fares, or more likely, limo fees
  8. Plane fares [think of the carbon footprint and grab your nearest government issued safety mask.]

Sen. Joe Biden loves to tell us paying taxes is ‘patriotic.’ But isn’t spending money at home also patriotic? Why would Obama supporters send what must have been a large sum of money spent for goods and services to other countries while the U.S. economy struggles? Media for some reason portrays Obama as an expert on the economy. I think the overseas fundraisers prove otherwise. Economy starts at home, does it not?

Obama should also seek counsel on what the term ‘middle class’ really means. According to the Tax Foundation, that’s a term economists do not use. It’s purely political.

Source:The Ambler Gazette (Penn.), Oct. 3, 2008Obama supporters rally in Abington