Call for boycott of Wenner media products, including US Weekly

Courtesy of Drudge, covers for two different issues of US Weekly illustrate the great divide between the RNC brand and the DNC brand when it comes to mainstream media. One cover shows a glowing Sen. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle—“Why Barack Loves Her.” The other shows Gov. Sarah Palin holding her newborn—“Babies, Lies and Scandal.” Fellow women who aren’t enamored of the DNC brand, it’s time for a boycott. I suspect women are the primary purchasers of magazines like US Weekly. It’s one thing to debate politics of each party’s nominees. It’s low down and dirty to assail someone’s character.

I haven’t read Rolling Stone in years, a magazine that has fallen into a state of confusion in my opinion. But let’s add it to our don’t-buy list as well. Also Men’s Journal. Talk to our teens—probably the age group that might buy that magazine. According to The New York Times (8-11-08), “The magazine [Rolling Stone] had 486 ad pages in the first half of 2008, according to the Publishers Information Bureau, down 33 percent from the same period in 2005.”

Let’s email sponsors who place advertising in both these magazines, expressing our outrage at editorial content that assails a candidate on a personal basis. And let’s complain to businesses that rack these magazines. Do pass both mags up when you’re standing in the grocery checkout line—scan them if you must but put them back on the rack. And if you have a subscription, cancel.

It’s easy to see why Wenner would have nothing in common with Palin. After Wenner and his wife had kids, Salon said Wenner hooked up with his young male lover and began to acquire some new kids via surrogate. Wenner, his boyfriend and his brood live on a 65-acre estate in Tivoli, NY. Wenner, a longtime Dem enthusiast, might apply the headline he wrote about Palin to himself. How does it affect your children when you bail out of your marriage, change your sexual persuasion and acquire more babies by surrogate? I wouldn’t ask those questions but (1) the arrangement is common knowledge and (2)Salon posed the same questions publicly after a glowing interview with Wenner. Hopefully Wenner’s commitment to his new family will last.

Elitist narcissists like Wenner can’t possibly hope to connect with a down-to-earth woman who carved a career in public service, as mayor, commissioner and governor and who is solidly connected to mainstream America. A boycott of his products is the least he deserves. A poll on his US Weekly site posed the inane question: Will Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy affect your vote? Responses: Yes-14295 votes; No-123530 votes.

Considering the overwhelming show of support for Palin by that poll, I’d say it’s easy to understand why Democratic media strategists are having a collective panic attack. (-Kay B. Day/The US Report)

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