O'Reilly puts Rep. Robert Wexler on the hot seat over residency

On the Bill O’Reilly Show tonight, there was a segment on Rep. Robert Wexler (D-[allegedly] 19). Wexler’s Republican opponent Edward Lynch did some research and discovered the Democrat is fulfilling his residency requirement by residing at his mother-in-law’s home, one in what The Palm Beach Post describes as a “55-and-older-community.” His wife and children live in Rockville, MD. where the kids attend a Jewish Day School.

The Fox News reporter did the job right, asking hard questions and catching the congressman off guard as he headed for his car, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. The congressman was tongue-tied, apparently unable to recover from the unexpected barrage of questions about his residency.

Wexler has been touring with his new book, ‘Fire Breathing Liberal.’ He’s done talk shows and author events, and The Daily Pulp blog says it was actually Wexler’s book that raised the residency issue. The blog noted: On P. 52 he states, “While many members don’t bring their families with them to Washington, choosing instead to fly home each weekend, Laurie and I decided it would work best for our family if our three young children attended school in the Washington area.” It was that statement the caused this candidate to look further into Rep. Wexler’s past.

There’s another issue in this scoop as well, one with an elitist motif. Like many congressmen, Wexler’s children apparently attend private school. Many Democrats criticize the use of school vouchers for children who are stuck in failing public schools, but whose parents cannot afford a private school.

Wexler’s dilemma and what promises to be a lively race in District 16 suggest the GOP may have a solid chance at recovering those seats in Congress. Wexler probably didn’t expect that fire breathing to affect his seat, both literally and figuratively.