Tent State—the ‘anti-Woodstock’—adds another dimension to Democratic National Convention

Evision this: 20,000 college kids set up a camp—‘Tent State’—in a city park for four nights, strategizing on war protests and educational matters while the Democratic National Convention crowns the party’s presidential monarch in the city of Denver. Envision this: bathrooms, food wrappers and a big fat environmental question mark. The Rocky Mountain News says about 50 neighbors from the community near the park where the Tent Staters want to camp attended a Q&A meeting last week, some with understandable concerns. Many of the newspaper’s readers posted concerns at the discussion forum where the Tent City story was posted. One resident told the paper, “I think people in the neighborhood are freaked about this being Woodstock, but this is the anti-Woodstock.” Another woman complained, “I just think it’s overwhelming.” To say the least, this convention promises more twists and turns than a Harry Potter novel.

The food will be multi-colored, the delegates are supposed to buy credits because 5,000 tons of carbon are expected to be emitted, and they’ve banned fried foods but Cajun music is officially approved. In early July, it was announced the protesters’ area would be surrounded by a chain link fence.Bloggers will have a big green tent. Concerns have already been expressed about the water necessary for bathroom needs for all the guests who actually book a hotel room.

Tent State comprises eager young people who plan to save the world, much like those who came of age during the 1960s. The group even has a martyr icon, the Rutgers 3, who were busted for anti-war protests in Brunswick, New Jersey. Meanwhile churches are planning concerts and spiritual counseling for those in need, certain to be stressed out by all the social injustice the DNC plans to address. Stay tuned. The newest green party may turn a lot of real estate brown in Denver—a tribute to the environmental sensitivity of progressive proponents.