Economy feedback buried in latest Quinnipiac Poll—where’s media coverage?

A Quinnipiac University Poll released this week showed Sen. Barack Obama ahead of Sen. John McCain, with Obama’s rank heavily influenced by responses from women and blacks. But the poll also revealed some interesting figures related to the economy. Media outlets are focused on negatives related to the economy, but the poll shows voters may not be too concerned about their personal economies, even if 53 percent of them say the US economy is the single most important issue in their vote. I was startled when I read the responses.

According to figures accompanying a Quinnipiac news release, voters were asked, Which best describes your family’s financial situation—Getting ahead, falling behind or holding steady? Here are the responses: 12 percent are getting ahead, 22 percent are falling behind, a whopping 65 percent are holding steady and 1 percent didn’t know. So regarding the personal economies of voters, there’s a combined positive response (getting ahead, holding steady) of 77 percent! Amazingly, not a single media outlet mentioned this.

Half the voters cited gasoline prices as the financial issue worrying them the most. That might be a useful revelation for liberal Democrats in Congress who are opposed to drilling.

With all the alarmism focusing on the economy, how did mainstream media and even the blogsphere miss this finding that an overwhelming majority do not seem to be suffering economically?

[Source Quinnipiac University Poll, news release 7-15-08]

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