Never Give up Hope

Oh my my, way to go America. You bought it hook line and sinker. Not only did you get fooled into thinking one of the most liberal politicians ever was a moderate, I believe that you we also guilted into voting for him as to not be considerred ‘racist’. The mainstream media, by the way, why do we call it mainstream when the views thay try to shove down out throats are held by an ‘elite’ few? ‘Splain that one to me please, but I digress. The media successfully manipulated the public into embracing a vision of America that they whole-heartedly enspouse. Of course they had to keep their true intentions just under the surface until the election was over, but once that was over, here they come!!!!! In the 6 months since the election (One of the worst days in history me thinks) the ‘elite’ few who for some unknown reason refuse to acknowledge the will of the people, have set into stone a foundation that will send America into a tailspin. Its going to be way worse than the Carter Administration (And I’m sure alot of you remember those 4 years!). My only hope is that by 2010 the American people will have had enough and elect traditional representatives to wrest control of congress away from the Socialists. We are a traditional right of center country, no matter how much the folks in the un-mainstream media try to force feed you that we are not. We can’t get a new president until 2012, but by God we can sure as hell not let them turn us into France! In the meantime I only hope its not too late. I only hope that the damage they can do in the next 18 months won’t be irreversable. C’mon America wake up! We can’t let them march us down the the path of France. I’m pretty sure those Stars and Stripes still mean something! I know we both have Red White and Blue, but colors still mean something! Thank you and God Bless.