The picture emerges from Obama's disperate dots on the paper.

Individually these seperate actions seem chilling at best, but when put together on a piece of paper that is akin to one of those childhood activities – connect the dots to see the big picture – the scene that is drawn equals our nightmares.

Lets take the individual dots first:

  1. General Electric (GE) gains a bank status for its financing unit thus allowing it to tap into TARP funds (unlimited taxpayer dollars)
  2. GE is the parent company of NBC and its affiliates: MSNBC, NBC and CNBC (as well as SciFi, Lifetime and a few other niche channels).
  3. General Motors (GM), a huge purchaser of advertisement time on TV, Cable and internet websites, is taken over by the government
  4. Chevrolet, a huge purchaser of advertisement time, is pushed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  5. Financial institutions such as Citibank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and others, also purchasers of ad times, have become units of USA Inc.
  6. Financial institutions – as mentioned above – have units that trade in the stock market on a daily basis for themselves as well as their clients (like Merrill Lynch 401k holders – typically people like your mom, dad, yourself).
  7. Media channels and websites are wedded to an advertiser model.
  8. The S&P as well as the Dow Jones are averages or weighted averages that have financials and energy companies as the largest segments that determine their combined levels.

Now, let’s look at the picture that emerges when taking a pencil and starting from dot number 1 to dot number 8.

Everyone worries about the Fairness doctrine doing away with talk radio. I contend, talk radio will go away because the advertisement money won’t be there to support it. Fox News Channel will go away because the car company ads won’t be made available to their channel but the money will be diverted to GE’s units to keep them afloat and viable to carry on POTUS’s message. The Dow and S&P can and has been manipulated by Robert Rubin of Goldman Sachs when it became known that his mode of making the economy seem better then it reality, was to buy S&P calls on the futures markets, thus goosing the Dow and S&P at the end of the day.

There is little wonder now, why, during the Clinton years, the market went steadily up when the average hourly wage for workers remained stagnant and Wall Street started to get hooked on the government’s version of cocaine. Then came the Soros debacle of the British Pound, the Mexico currency explosion, the Russian dilemma, the Thai Bhat implosion, the dot com bubble, and now the housing bubble. All along the watchtower, Greenspan was at the helm of the good ship Easy Money (aka – Printing Press).

Now we have the fall out.

We knew that with Obama government would redistribute wealth to the losers/the left outs, of the past 15 years, but what we didn’t know was that the winners would be wiped out on the march to do this.

Say goodbye to any TV, radio, internet website that relies on advertisement from companies that are publically traded, if those media entites are not equivalent to PRAVDA. Consider that a publically traded firm runs an ad on Fox News/Hannity. The goverment, using one of their financial units, makes the call and sells NewsCorp stock to the point that Murdoch understands the point being made.

If that doesn’t do it, the advertisement money from car commercials will be taken away as well as the bank commercials, thus drying up the life blood of NewsCorp or any other local channels that are independent and not affiliated with ABC/NBC/CBS. The money switches to Univision, Telemundo, and BET, thus ensuring positive coverage within these demographics as well.

GE gets the contracts from congress for its wind turbines thus doing an end run around T. Boone Pickens as well as Duke Energy’s boss who supported Obama. Those 2 entites (energy companies) go lower on the stock exchange but by using the government’s Goldman Sachs’ back door channels (known as dark pools – where the buyers and sellers of shares can remain anonymous). Since energy is the second largest component of both the Dow and the S&P, GS goes in and buys financials to offset the downtrend.

This portrays the banks as being healthy, the economy as recovering, and everything rosy. People rejoice and vote for 4 more years of ObamaCo.

NewsCorp gets out of the American market, Clear Channel goes bye bye as local advertisement money dries up because of fear from local business owners not wanting to alienate 52% of the population that voted democrat, and say goodbye to any voice other than the government’s.

Now start thinking of all the other public companies not mentioned in this article that can be manipulated to show an upswing, as well as a dive, and you’ll figure out soon enough that the stock market will be geared to only those companies that swear fealty to ObamaCo.

Put your IRA money in those companies, watch their share prices go up, cash out for retirement, but then pay a capital gains penalty as well as increased tax rates and its better not to have played in the market at all, thus making ObamaCo’s social security the only game in town.

I know you were angry and upset before reading this, but does the picture that’s now showing up by connecting the dots scare you?