NV GOP "helps" us pick a candidate in Vegas

The Nevada State GOP has lost its mind.

District 1 (Las Vegas) Congresswoman, Democrat Shelley Berkley, is a 6-term incumbent.  She voted for Pelosi’s healthcare bill without hardly breaking a sweat.  Her seat is considered relatively safe, but these are volatile times and conservatives here will fight to beat her.

Now we’ve been sabotaged by our own.  Party officials recruited newcomer Michele Fiore to enter the race on the last filing date and granted her a Rule 11 Letter, which indicates national-level support.

Craig Lake, young businessman and solid conservative, has been campaigning for Berkley’s seat for months.  He works hard and has been self-financing in order to get up and running.  His obvious downside is his inexperience.  Whatever reservations I had about throwing full support behind Lake related to his political immaturity.  Our chances of beating Berkley would greatly increase if the Republicans could recruit a more seasoned candidate.

However, Fiore has no more experience than Lake.  GOP officials tried to work some (lame) deal with Lake to entice him to step aside.  Lake said no:

“I mean no disrespect, but I honestly don’t see how she is a better candidate,” he said.  “I mean, if I felt they had found a better and more qualified candidate, I would have agreed to step out.”

So why would our GOP decide to back someone lacking in credentials?  The short answer is . . . Fiore is a woman.  Will the GOP elite never learn?  At the national level or at the local level they have no idea that Republican (and Independent) voters decide based on the issues, not on the candidate’s –er, plumbing.  Criminey.  This attitude is idiotic and disrespectful.

Such a bone-headed maneuver may be just the push Lake’s candidacy needed.  He suddenly has a lot more committed Republican voters due to the Nevada GOP’s heavy-handed tactics.  If only the GOP could be as effective at defeating Berkley.

And if anyone has anything positive to say about Fiore, please chime in.  Her website does not inspire confidence.