Sue Lowden vs Harry Reid and Bishop Pepe

Sue’s letter to Bishop Pepe:

“November 21, 2009

“Bishop Joseph Anthony Pepe,

“I am a lifelong Catholic and regularly attend Mass at St. Elizabeth’s in Las Vegas. I raised my children as Catholics and believe in the tenets of the Church. I support the Church’s stance on abortion and believe the Church should stand firm in opposing any and all government funding of abortions.


“This [healthcare] bill must be stopped. It is unconscionable to allow Federal Funding of abortions. This overturns decades of non-partisan agreement on this issue.  People of conscience can agree to disagree on the abortion issue but there is overwhelming public sentiment against the government funding abortions.

“Please let me know if there is anything I can personally do to help you keep this abomination from coming to fruition.


“Sue Lowden”

Smart move, Sue, and morally sound to boot.  Poke at Reid, who is ignoring constituents, and his horrendous healthcare bill.  More interesting, though, is the implied poke at Bishop Pepe.  As Roman Catholic bishops across the country speak out against this bill and its abortion funding, a word from the head of the Vegas Diocese would be timely and highly effective.  Harry isn’t Catholic, but Sin City has a lot of Catholic faithful who could use the Bishop’s pastoral guidance.  His leadership has been sadly lacking in bringing the Traditional Latin Mass to Vegas (one parish offers one TLM on First Fridays).  A forceful response from Bishop Pepe is a long shot, but Sue was right to take it.