Sue Lowden can't beat Harry Reid

Every conservative blog I visit seems to have a banner ad of Harry Reid’s ugly mug and a “donate to Sue Lowden” link underneath him in fine print.  Sue is bombarding conservatives across this nation for money and, by doing so, making herself seem the inevitable Republican candidate to replace Senator Reid in 2010.  With an insipid article at BigGovernment and favorable pushes at Townhall.com Sue is on a steamroll.  Ugh.  I’m sick of her already.

Sue is seeking national support because she has a Nevada problem.  Republicans could do a lot worse, certainly.  Sue, former beauty queen, has an attractive resume.  Anchorwoman, Nevada State Senator, defender of low taxes.  She checks all the right Republican boxes and, as a strong female candidate, Sue can ride the Sarah Palin bandwagon.

However, Sue is also a former casino executive and, with her husband, owner of the Santa Fe Casino.  Paul Lowden is a truly inspirational capitalist; the Lowdens appear to be remarkable businesspeople.  As a candidate, though, this kind of power and money is a handicap, especially at this time.  Voters are tired of the elite, the in-crowd, running Washington.  When the call is “throw the bums out” Sue is not a fresh enough face.  She and Reid have a history which makes Republicans nervous: in the ’80s when Reid was “independent” the Lowdens “donated $8,000 to Reid over several election cycles.”

Nervous Republicans are small potato-sized troubles, though; outraged libertarians are after her scalp.  A PAC has been formed to oppose Sue’s candidacy:

 “Sue Lowden betrayed the trust of hundreds of delegates to the state Republican Convention in April of last year. She did so by abruptly halting the convention without the approval of the convention delegates and in the middle of vote counting. This prevented the election of delegates to the National Convention. Halting the convention without approval of the delegates was contrary to the rules of the convention and also violated an agreement that the state party had with the Republican National Committee to elect delegates at the convention.

“As state party chairperson, Sue Lowden played a leading role in subverting the election.  The election was halted so suddenly that one ballot box was carried away before the counting was completed. No explanation of the results for that ballot box has ever been made. It simply disappeared as if it had never existed. The delegates to the national convention were later selected by Sue Lowden and a few others, contrary to state law and party rules, which require that the delegates be elected by the state convention.”

Sue created an epic disaster.  She p*ssed off every Ron Paul supporter in Nevada and they will never forgive her.

If you recall, Ron Paul actively campaigned in Nevada in ’08.  His radio ads were constantly played here during the Rush Limbaugh show.  Handmade campaign signs for Paul were on every major street corner.  In my Republican caucus room the Ron Paul votes almost tied the Mitt Romney votes.  These supporters were dedicated and very smart.  Once the caucus rules were explained the Paul-ers literally put their heads together and strategized how to maximize votes.  No cheating, just quick and savvy politics.  Republicans in Nevada absolutely need these people on our side.  Sue has alienated them all.

The nail in Sue’s coffin was the discovery of the missing, uncounted ballot box last month, which was opened and tallied.

“A group of disaffected Republicans said they felt vindicated Friday night after a count of missing delegate ballots from last year’s GOP state convention proved three delegates supporting U.S. Rep. Ron Paul should have been sent to the national convention.”

The stink of shenanigans, whether true or not, is deadly in this political climate.  Harry Reid is a Democrat first and a Nevadan last, and many independents are ready for him to go.  Don’t think he’ll go easy, though.  This ad is already playing during prime time.  If your stomach is too weak, or you don’t want to give Harry the hits, know that the ad is professional and effective, focusing on his power to bring money to the state.  As awful as Reid is to Republicans, we must field a clean candidate in order to convince the rest of the state to Thune him out.

Nevada Republicans must decide: is Sue’s baggage too heavy, or can she rise above her elitism?  Sue’s personal story is very likeable and she could be a good senator.  She’s stepped in it with the Ron Paul-ers, though, and at this point she’s only digging a deeper hole.  If she can get Dr. Paul to stand at her side and endorse her, Sue will be golden.  If she can’t successfully appease the Paul contingent, she should step aside so conservatives can back another candidate in the primary.


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