Ground Zero Imam likes Mercedes 550, Armani suits, but lets his tenants live in squalor, NJ court grants receivership

10/28/2009, Forbes: Ground Zero mosque Imam likes Mercedes E550: “Is there anything more alluring than a nicely engineered automobile? I currently drive a Lexus GS400 but am

  • looking into the 2010 Mercedes E550.”…

Feisal Rauf’s property on Central Avenue, Superior Court Judge Olivieri, in a teleconference Nov. 9 with Union City’s attorney and Rauf’s attorney,

  • has granted receivership with “restrictions” to custodial receiver Raymond Bulin, according to Union City spokesman Mark Albiez.

Rauf is the Muslim cleric at the center of the controversy over the proposal to build an Islamic cultural center and mosque near the former World Trade Center site. The teleconference was the next step after Olivieri received the city’s final inspection report Oct. 22

  • based upon a final inspection by the city Oct. 21 that revealed

fire, building, and health code violations remained at 2206 Central Ave.

  • In the report, the city again called for receivership on the basis of
  • continued failure to remedy violations by the specified deadlines.

Bulin has not been granted full management of the building, but has been tasked with abating the remaining violations,

A $7,000 check, money from October rent payments held in escrow from Rauf’s attorney, will pay for the repairs.”

Reference: 10/31/10, “City says violations persist,” Hudson County Reporter, by Deanna Cullen

despite reports to the contrary by Rauf’s attorney Tomas Espinosa at an Oct. 19 hearing before Judge Thomas Olivieri…. Union City is again calling for custodial receivership of the residential building owned by Imam Feisal Rauf after a final inspection by the city on Oct. 21 revealed that

  • photo 2206 Central Ave, Union City, NJ, Hudson Reporter, 10/31/10

In the 1990’s the Imam was given $2 million in taxpayer money to renovate his squalid and dangerous properties. No proof was ever given that repairs were made. Concurrent with his inhumane treatment of others, the ‘Imam’ has found time to acquire habits and tastes of the very rich.

Mercedes photo Awad/AFP/Getty; Armani shop photo, Getty

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