Why we can't all get along

It’s a beautiful day in my city, so nice the dog and I decide a trip to the park is a good idea.  Lots of locals shared the same idea but we were lucky enough to find a parking spot in the shade next to the lake.  It was a nice, quiet  diverse crowd with lots of dogs and kids, blankets and food. After our walk around the lake, it was time for a dog and people snack so we retired to our car and put on a little Rush Limbaugh to relax, marveling at the beauty and serenity of a park situated in the middle of a busy, large city.

Soon one of the families hopped in the car parked next to me and left.  They were replaced by a big, black SUV with open windows, open sun roof and the loudest car stereo bass assist I have heard recently. The two occupants were listening to X-rated RAP so loud it rattled everything in my car, after I rolled my windows up. I could no longer hear Rush, so I rolled down my window, tapped my horn and politely asked the driver (about 300 pounds and maybe taller than 6’2″) if he could turn their music down a notch. I have noise damaged ears and extreme bass is painful, but even so the music was too loud. (Note: this park is a well-managed park with a city ordinance governing noise level of speakers, music etc.) My polite, quiet request was met with a tirade of “who do you think you are, asking me to turn down my music, this is a free country and I can do what I want and play my music as loud as I want, etc, yada yada)  I politely explained  that his speakers violated the noise ordinance. He not so politely told me if I didn’t like the noise, I could move. He wasn’t turning down the music for nobody. He lectured me that no one had ever had the audacity to ask him to turn down his music and was highly critical of me for doing so. After all, he had a right to listen to music as loud as he wanted. Never mind the law. Never mind any pretense of getting along or respecting one another.

As you can see, this exchange was not an English countryside endeavor. His culture was not going to yield to the better part of humanity.   I explained to him that had he asked the same of me, I would have turned my music down and rolled up my windows. And he explained to me that he didn’t care, wasn’t going to do that, and impolitely invited me to leave. So I did.

By now, you may have guessed that they were black and I am white? Or maybe not. That kind of disregard is universal.  But it is exactly that times ten that is on display in Baltimore and many other cities. Nothing will change in this country until we address the f#!k you culture and dig deep to change the moral  and social decay that is destroying our country. Money ain’t gonna fix this.