The sin of the desert - they all knew

Today’s Washington Post headlines a story detailing oversight leading up to the meltdown.  The article begins with events in September 2005.  It seems that certain financial experts were concerned about the wild west mood in the markets, certain experts by the name of Geithner, Rubin, Greenspan and many more.

That’s the reason for my headline, the sin of the desert-knowing where the water is and telling no one. Everyone in a position to act knew, and did not act. In Hebrews 3: 7-19 we are admonished to never again lead people away from salvation, which is precisely what everyone, and I mean everyone, in positions of power did for us prior to and during this crisis.  

I keep reading excuses for our Senators and Congressmen, Treasury officials, leaders.  Statements that we shouldn’t throw the good out with the bad.  How do you differentiate between them?  Who is good if they committed the sin of the desert, if they were too cowardly to speak out?  If they are still too cowardly to speak out?  Who is innocent, after trillions are lost and we elect someone who willingly squanders our heritage and sovereignty?

An interesting chronology can be found here.  This Minnesota organization gives chapter and verse, complete with quotes, dates, players.  Goes back a long time.  Again, how can we excuse anyone?

Here’s another view  going back to 2002.  Where, I say, was the outrage?  Why did no one get this under control.  Who was responsible–why Congress, of course.

To tread water here is not an option.  To keep anyone in power who presided over this is insanity, or worse, complicity in the sin of the desert.  

We should finally stand for something.