Wanna Be Labeled a “Hate Group”? Just start a conservative youth movement on a college campus.

Assuming many of you were at CPAC this year, you might be interested in the latest page out of the Alinsky playbook. The target this time is conservative campus groups.  In the ring this week is Youth for Western Civilization, a right-wing youth group launched at CPAC.

True to form, the left is wasting no time getting out in front of this.  The Southern Poverty   Law Center has already organized protests and mounted the usual smear campaign by adding the group to its “Hatewatch” list.  Not to be outdone, The Tennessean headlines above the fold “New Group at VU stirs furor, Critics say Youth for Western Culture is intolerant.”  You can read the online article here.  A Google search will bring up all the usual suspects.  The same tactics appear to be in force at the seven campuses currently hosting the group.

Perhaps we need to be a little smarter when we launch countermeasures to the Podesta/Soros machine.  A good launch strategy and PR program could prevent the left from marginalizing these good groups before they get a foothold.  In any event, these groups are a strategy we must embrace and support.  I’m not too sure I would have chosen Bay Buchanan as my launch speaker, but then maybe they didn’t have a campus advisor.

Redstate can develop a PR strategy, think tank and support group for this type of effort, or do we have one?