The Brick Wall -We Are About to Hit It


Way back in 1991, I placed a phone call to a fellow in Texas who was well-known for his spunk.  I left a message with his secretary that if he organized an army to try to fix Washington, I would be a soldier.  The now famous Texan was Ross Perot.  The movement was government reform.  The need still exists, but what happened to the 19 million people who stood up and said “Enough Washington”.  Well, that’s a good question.

As with all reform movements, there are two good reasons they fail – Democrats and Republicans.  These disfunctional entities are so corrupt at the top that reform is impossible.  Any threat to their respective power base and the thugs in both parties get moving.  They brand opponents as crazy, radical, corrupt.  Even this esteemed group has rancor for reformers, harboring anger and bitterness for the effort.  But what is the alternative?  Look what being a conformist has wrought.

In 1996, it was the Democrats sending in Trojan Horses to gum up the works in the Reform Party and insure the re-election of Bill Clinton.  In 2000, it was the Republicans sending in The Buchanan Brigade to protect the election of George W. Bush. There were even  classic union busters threatening to break kneecaps.  All in the name of preserving the status quo–the public trough.  Today, we have third party efforts labeled subversive, potential hotbeds for domestic terrorism, and what have you.  Same thing, different decade.

To give you an example of what we can do without interference from the entrenched we go to Nashville, Tennessee.   In 1994, a group of citizens successfully petitioned for a referendum on term limits on the Nashville Metro Government Council.  The voters of Davidson County, Tennessee approved the referendum by a comfortable margin.  This effort was spearheaded by United We Stand America, a civic group founded by Ross Perot, and The Reform Party.  Three times since 1994, the Democratic Party in Davidson County has tried to overturn term limits, first by a court challenge and two times by forcing the issue on the ballot.  The heavily Democratic citizens of Davidson County Tennessee have rejected these ballot challenges, deciding every time that term limits work very well.

The primary reasons this effort was successful in Nashville – it was under the radar, there was no George Soros buying everyone in town, and the council members had scandal, corruption and incompetence issues to rile the voters.  Nashvillians were at the wall and angry.  Almost immediately, though, across the country you saw bills and laws enacted making it nearly impossible for similar efforts to succeed.  The entrenched further entrenched.

So today, we are at the brick wall,  our nation has been looted and an election influenced by bandits unknown.  The Democrats and Republicans together are responsible and we are on the verge of collapse as a nation.  What are we going to do.  We are far worse off today than 1992.  And Ross Perot isn’t crazy..he saw this coming.