An American Reality Show: Sick

The political landscape and the process of governance in America have become so bastardized they now resemble a sick, staged reality show.  The cast of characters seem expertly chosen for their degree of disfunction, not their degree of distinction.

Tune in to this week’s episode and you find Rush Limbaugh as the titular head of the Republican Party.  Or not.  Enter Michael Steele, who is challenging Limbaugh for the titular headship.  For comic relief, we find that Limbaugh is actually an entertainer and Steele is actually the head of the Republican National Committee.  Is this for real?

How much more embarrassing can this get?  We have an entertainer fighting with a politician for space.  I thought that only happened in the Democratic Party.  Let’s just all get suckered into this tacky DLC strategy and self-destruct on CNN.  Maybe even mud wrestling to determine the winner.

Limbaugh goes too far and to hang our hats on his rack is a mistake.  Steele goes too far the other way and needs a dip in the cold pool for a sanity check.   We are doing so much damage with this brainless exhibition.  All this while our house of cards, created by yet another cast of buffoons, cascades into a terminal tsunami.

Will a real leader please stand up?