Serious questions remain

Conspiracy theories? No, just following the money. I want to know why the financial disaster was well known for two years by a Democrat controlled Congress, a Republican President and the entire financial community, yet it was allowed to further deteriorate, and then collapse just before the November elections.

I want to know what happened to Sheldon Adelson. Who holds his paper? What went wrong there? He is a friend to conservatives. Where are the wealthy liberal benefactors going belly up?

What or who is manipulating the stock market?

This is all just too convenient. Looks like everyone was complicit in something tawdry.

I still want some heads. No, I’m not mad, I just want to get even.

This is a bad situation and correcting our election mistakes and focusing on 2010 elections just seems to be more fiddling while Rome is definitely ablaze. More drastic action is needed.