What have we wrought? And how do we fix it?

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I’m pretty darn sick of this election cycle. The combatants can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s all good sport to them. But to me, out here in Hicksville, this is an embarrassing catastrophe.

The frenzy to throw dirt, to disable an opponent, is wildly out of control. Somewhere along the way, the criminally insane have started running giant media concerns, public relations agencies, and campaigns.

For example, take today’s serving of candidate stew. Fox News is reporting from Alaska this week. Greta Von Susteren is in Anchorage and Wasilla doing serious investigative journalism for On the Record. She mentioned tonight that she has run into six National Enquirer reporters scouring the state for “dirt” on Palin, as well as operatives from the Democratic Party and every major news outlet in the country. Greta went on to say that she has not found anyone with a negative opinion about Palin. She offered that, to her knowledge, the National Enquirer has found no dirt. One of the comments that struck me was that everyone was up there looking for dirt, except Fox News, doing its job producing a balanced story.

So far, the news(and I use that term loosely) we have been fed about Sarah Palin has ranged from outright lies about a baby, to a non-scandal about a non-existent affair, to yet another non-scandal about expenses, to a spin story about a jet not really sold on Ebay.

And we now have lunatic foreigners on our soil participating during awards shows, and a British Prime Minister telling us who to elect.

This is tragic for our country. We, the voters, are responsible for this. We pay all of these salaries by our consumption or vote. It’s time we exercise some control. I have had enough.