WaPo's David Ignatius provokes me to rage

Just when I think I can’t get any more disgusted with left wing journalists, comes this insipid, condescending screedfrom David Ignatius of the Washington Post.

He starts out innocently enough, talking about how uniquely American this election is, how “lovable” this has turned out, what with the “American Rainbow” and the four “American Rebels”. Then, he turns vicious on Sarah Palin. Get this:

It’s a refreshingly upside-down composite picture: The African American candidate is the most conventional of the lot, with his Columbia-Harvard pedigree and his elegant Princeton-Harvard wife and their picture-perfect children. It’s the gal from Alaska, Sarah Palin, who reminds us of how messy the real world is, with her special-needs child passed from hand to hand, her pregnant teenage daughter and the hockey-star boyfriend/father who looks, weirdly, like he just won the lottery.

And this:

I’m sorry, but this is an American family portrait I like. I know all the reasons to be worried. Palin is breathtakingly unqualified to be president, and the idea that we would have someone in the White House who wants to overturn science and teach creationism in our public schools is, well, terrifying. McCain is too old and too prone to zingers to be an ideal commander in chief, his bravery and sense of honor notwithstanding. We need a president who knows how to settle conflicts honorably, as opposed to starting new ones.

And then there is this, the “insults” heaped upon the Democrats:

As for the Democrats, they’re vulnerable, too. The rap that Obama is a charismatic celebrity has traction because in some ways it’s true: He takes sang-froid a step too far; he is so cool he’s unnerving; and it’s still too hard to be sure how he would govern as president. The most normal of the lot is Biden — how odd is that, that the lifelong senator would be the average Joe?

I don’t need to analyze this for you Red Staters. This is what the MSM calls journalism.