Chuckle, biased media denies media bias

Are we reading the same newspapers, magazines, opinion columns? Do you think there might be two versions of the news? One for them and one for “us”?

Something must be akilter in the media vs. real world. The frenzy denying media bias is now almost as pervasive as the media bias. Take this column from Chuck Raasch.

Chuck is a Gannett writer. His column appeared in The Tennessean today with this headline: Charges of media bias are off base. So of course, I shot off a correcting email.

I directed Mr. Raasch to the AP article about Sarah Palin wherein his newspaper edited out the positive and changed the headline of the original article. Just one small example, but The Tennessean is my daily hair shirt of media bias for the local scene.

The real mystery is why can’t these guys detect media bias and why they think a teenager’s pregnancy is legitimate fodder for attack?

Rotten, and they can’t smell it.