Who do you really want running our country: Brooks & Dunn or Heart?

Promoted, with my own observation: you current and former pop stars out there, think for a moment. Do you really think that the McCain campaign minds it when you loudly and explicitly disavow yourselves from him – and, thus, identify yourselves as being for Obama? I mean, you did catch the entire “celebrity” meme, right? – Moe Lane

As yet another indication of the over-the-top Obamania, the group that recorded “Barracuda” is whining over use of their song at the Republican National Convention. Cease and desist even. Sony involved even. Want some cheese with that whine?

Coupled with Oprah’s fear of Palinmania, and outright ban so far of any appearance on her show, I really think its time to get the FEC involved. Like that would do any good, ha.

Contrast this with the gracious response of Brooks & Dunn and writer Don Cook when Obama stole Bush’s campaign song to conclude the Sermon on the Mount:

Gracious Conservatives