Assault on the Electoral College? From Universities?

Northwestern University’s alumni magazine arrived today. Flipping through the NewsOnCampus section, this headline jumped out at me: Rethinking the Electoral College, penned by one of the current students.

In the brief piece, the author quotes Professor of Law Robert Bennett,

“The Electoral College is badly out of date,” he said. “There are some land mines in the process that could do a lot of damage if they exploded.”

Wow, I thought. We’ve been teetering on the abyss for 232 years. Better look under the hood. The author cites Bennett’s book* “Taming the Electoral College”* as a font of information on this messy Electoral College conundrum in case you want to find out where they’re headed with this.

Apparently the real angst is the 2000 election. Bennett, according to the author of Rethinking the Electoral College promoted an idea after the 2000 election called a National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, where the states must decide that their electoral votes go to the winner of the nationwide popular vote rather than the statewide popular vote.

According to Benito, four states have signed onto the compact. One of them is Illinois.

Disturbing to see our higher education system tampering with the design of the founding fathers to such a degree.