Chris Carney has got to go

As someone who lives in the hotly contested 10th Congressional district and is literally a neighbor to the current Congressman, articles like these drive me nuts. Chris Carney has played the game during his first term, trying to come off as something he is not – a centrist.

Those who know him personally (and his wife and kids) know that he and his wife are true liberals. While Carney officially refused to endorse a candidate (knowing his constituents would be furious with his real choice), he played the game – whoever won his district would get his endorsement. Clinton took the district overwhelmingly, so Carney ponied up the fake endorsement, all the while his 17 year old son’s Myspace page (and his other kids told at school) showed who the family truly endorsed (that same Myspace page also proclaimed his son’s non-belief in God and condemned those that did). Obama was a major supporter of his original campaign, even though that (and his other liberal supporters) was kept quiet until the election was over.

Carney barely grabbed the spot 2 years ago (52/48), only after a scandal chased the incumbent Republican from office. He has played the pork game, trying to buy votes with earmarks aimed at appeasing Republicans – defense, etc. He also refuses to publicly come down definitively on any issue that might offend the Republican majority in his district. He was for the war (because the district was) until this campaign. Now, when he thinks that Obama is going to be President, he is saying we need to end the war.

He also claims to be one of us, rural Northeast PAers, failing to bring to the forefront that not only is he not from the area, he didn’t live here in the area when his wife and children moved to Susquehanna County. He is from Iowa, moving to Nebraska and Washington DC before moving to this area little more than 10 years before he ran for Congress. His closest office to the rural part of the district is 25 miles away from his home – in the Democratic enclave within the district. His office announces every month that they are available one day a month for about 5 hours in each of the rural courthouses. Really available huh? Cares about whether we little guys get helped?

I call on anyone with the ability to help the Chris Hackett campaign does just that – help. Spread the word locally, donate money to the campaign. We need to oust this disingenuous person now, send him to another state looking for a liberal to represent them.