How the party of racism keeps people down ...

Taxes are the tools of the racists in America who create liberal, white states like Connecticut or massively separated states like California in which regular people have no access to the liberal elite enclaves where the extremely wealthy play. Sure, liberal Democrats in government and the media and Hollywood act as if they care for regular people, but after the speeches are over, they retreat into their cosy rooms in wings of massive mansions behind walls monitored round-the-clock by guards carrying guns.

Liberal Democrats have money and they don’t want anyone else to have it, so they love high taxes.  High taxes never affect them, but they do affectively limit and shrink the possibility of regular people having access to acres of land with ponds and trees and swimming pools and excellent schools and money to remodel homes or even buy homes. High taxes keep regular people in their places, the places carved out by liberal Democrats, places far from their own “clean” neighborhoods. Taxes are the tools of the racists in America. Taxes separate regular people from a little more of their money so that they will have a little less mobility, less likelihood of moving into or associating in any way with liberal Democrats.

Republicans understand money is freedom. They want every American, black, brown, and white to keep as much of their paycheck as possible. They want people mobil, able to associate with each other in every state of this beautiful country. Money, big money, in the hands of regular people creates a dynamic economy, a marketplace in which we all benefit from association.