Miles of Red and Blue Under a Clear Texas Sky


As I turned onto I-20 today my heart broke again for the loss we suffered in Dallas just over a week ago. I found both sadness and hope at the sight of thousands of police vehicles in procession for fallen officer Patrick Zamarripa, the youngest of the officers killed so cruelly.

I was sad for Officer Zamarripa’s family, his fellow officers, and for all people of good will who love what our men and women in blue do for us every day.

I was hopeful that our disturbing culture might quiet down and our police might face a kinder America one day.

I was not alone in those sentiments today as I paused along the westbound shoulder of the interstate.

People of every race  were leaving their cars to line the median to acknowledge solidarity with the police passing in procession, officers representing departments from small towns and large cities from across this beautiful country-towns like Pharr and River Oaks and Sherman. And big cities like Chicago. All of those good officers in procession today understood  that the silent majority was showing that despite the rhetoric of some big mouths, the American people, black, brown, and white love them and one another.