Bill Newd the Science Dude in a Dream

In a particularly vivid dream, I found myself on a lovely college campus …

… drawn to a building nestled in the shade of oak trees, I slip into its quiet hallways, a feeling of awe filling my senses. I always feel that way in our American institutions of higher learning. I pass down a long hallway, glancing through classroom windows, noticing the scientific instruments and sinks and cabinets.

One door at the end of the corridor is braced open with a wooden wedge. I enter and find a scientist staring at a formula on a board.

Me: Hello

Science Dude: Big Bang did it all!

At these words, all the elements of the Periodic Table appear along a counter.

Me: God’s creation is amazing!

Science Dude: Science is amazing!

Me: Agreed. The ability to make life better by identifying and making use of the gifts of God-amazing!

Science Dude: The universe is the creator; scientists understand life and its origin.

I point to the countertop, to all of the known elements of our universe.

Me: So what about the eye?

Science Dude: Huh?

Me: The ability to see? Did heat or cold combine that pile of rocks on the counter to create life, life that then created the ability to see? How could that happen without a Creator? Does that pile of rocks have a creative vision?

Science Dude: It happened over millennia, obviously.

I point at the elements on the counter …

Me: Okay, so, I know you have intelligence and are far smarter than that pile of known elements. Can you mix them the way they mixed themselves to create a life that has the ability to see?

Science Dude: That pile of elements is far more intelligent than we are, so you can’t trick me into challenging the known universe by attempting to do what that pile of elements already did. We are the proof that the pile combined to make life. But see that formula on the board. I think it gets us closer to knowing how it happened.

Me: Uh huh … But don’t you think you are smarter than the pile of rocks, the known elements of the universe? Surely if that pile can figure out how to create all the creatures of the earth by bumping into each other or heating or whatever science believes happend, you can mix them to create some new life. Even a little one? I don’t require it have an eye.

Science Dude: Oh, go back to your little life and leave the thinking about life to science.

As I left the building, my mind was filled with a greater sense of awe at the earth and sky and the dragonfly hovering with its multi-colored wings, its ability to see the world God gave it to be in and move in, and I walked on down the lane with the sun on my shoulders and gratitude in my heart for what must have been a loving and long process of creating and dreaming through the millennia to bring us all into this wonderful mystery of existence …

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