Narcissism: the story of America

You either are or are not a narcissist. Driving down the road while checking your latest text qualifies you big time. Sitting at a red light reading a message has little to do with safe and considerate driving.

Narcissists love to think they are valued by others for simply existing. They don’t really care or think about what they do. That’s about forty percent of America today. Liberals cater to the narcissistic streak in their voters. You don’t have a maturity issue with drugs and alcohol, you have a disease, and the mean Republicans are just so greedy they won’t pay for you to get better. The reason you live in a dangerous neighborhood is because the mean Republicans make guns more available than books to your young men, who certainly would sit and read and improve their minds over the hours it takes to gain such book wisdom.

The narcissist finds something they like such as heroin, a gang affiliation, a political party, and that is it; they keep looking into the water to see their  reflection until jobs are lost, relationships are lost, lives are lost. The conservative who goes out and enjoys a few drinks with friends on the weekend then leaves alcohol aside without a thought until the next weekend is the problem for the narcissist. The conservative isn’t mature and self-denying; he or she is lucky they don’t have a gene that makes them addicted to things. Maybe the conservative simply has the peace that comes from a relationship with God that keeps them accountable for their actions. They are not gazing admiringly at their reflection in the water but seeking to reflect Christ to others in their lives.

Most conservatives have experienced a fall that brought them to a deeper appreciation of the Christian faith. Most understand what it means to point the finger at themselves rather than others. Narcissists never point the finger at themselves. Narcissism is the triumph of emotion over logic, an emotionalism that keeps the narcissist from seeing the light of faith and living a peaceful life.