Landslide Predicted

Donald Trump has said nothing to indicate his economic policies will harm the worker in this country. That is what this election is really about. People want opportunity. The since the mid-1990’s the regulations on the books for taxes, businesses, and schools have grown into a massive, hideous puppet masquerading as America. But we know what we have today is not America as it is intended to be. Every worker feels it. Hillary would love having her fingers on the strings of state, love to make the demands on everyone more burdensome. Donald Trump will cut the strings of state. That is what good people want, not just for themselves but for their children and grandchildren. That is why Donald Trump will win in a landslide. Those claiming they can’t vote for what they call the lesser of two evils are either Democrats posing as conservatives or people who just don’t have the belief that America can streamline and become a place of liberty and prosperity again. I do, so on election night, I will be with friends and family enjoying a night out after voting to celebrate with our next president as results come in across the country.