*Bad Candidate? The Media is Soaking You in One!!

*I will probably do more than one blog this month….90 days to election and the needle is swinging right. Here’s some nuggets to chew on….

From Obama’s book “Dreams from my Father”

Obama harbors negative racial stereotypes as Reverend Wright, his mentor for 20 years, as Obama states in pages 98-104 “Black nationalism, a steady attack on white race would be justified if it could deliver.”

*MY TAKE: Didn’t he say at one point he could bring the country together? I am wondering if he was talking about Kenya. *

On Page 100 – Obama went out of his way to choose Marxist professors at college as his friends to avoid being mistaken as a “sell out.” Obama states “the more politically active black students, the chicanos, the foreign students, the Marxist professors and the punk rock performance poets are who Obama spent time with.”

MY TAKE: Didn’t you tend to gravitate towards people you held common traits with in college? Hmmm….

On Page 93 – Obama drank heavily, tried drugs enthusiastically, and was helped by pot, booze and cocaine.

MY TAKE: Don’t I recall Bush being bashed for Coke issues? Oh yeah….A whole far left movie called ‘W’ is coming out this fall that is centered on this. But I guess for Obama that is ok.

Also, did anyone notice Obama’s ‘I don’t look like the guys on the dollar bill’ reference? Quickly followed up by ‘oh, that’s not a racist comment?’ Really, then what did you mean by it? No wig, ruffled shirt, wooden teeth or green tint? If that’s the case, then McCain doesn’t look like that either. But this is NOT the end of the story!!!!!!!

Obama may look more like guys on the dollar bill than he thinks….go out and Google/Altavista ‘the Five Black Presidents’ and you may get some interesting news. Would you believe:

Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Harding & Calvin Coolidge are ALSO of black ancestry?

Here is one link: http://www.geocities.com/cureworks1/5blkpres.htm that discusses this, but there are other sources and books written on the subject. As I recall, Jefferson, Jackson & Lincoln are ALL on American currency. Maybe you DO look like any other lefty politician that is promoting far left socialism, Barry!!

As I stated a few blogs ago, the needle TYPICALLY moves to the right as the election approaches. Both 4 & 8 years ago, Kerry and Gore were leading and wound up losing the general election from this point forward. This last quarter a few things happened….the GDP grew 1.9% which shows higher growth than projected. Also, the service industry is flat (which is an improvement because it was contracting.)

Keep in mind the fact that major companies are NOT going to add to payroll before the election….they need to see what policies will be put in place. Did anyone notice Obama wants the windfall tax? For you, that means your cost of living will be higher if he is voted in…organization never ‘eat’ additional costs, they are passed on to the consumer. If you run into any of the ‘screw the rich’ and ‘screw the corporations’ parrots, please remind them of this PLUS the fact the Obama+Pelosi one+two knockout punch will mean 5%+ tax hikes each year as you get socialized health care, government programs for everyone and liberal judges that put dangerous criminals back on the streets for their 15th second chance.

Anyways, that’s the news of today…as well as the fact McCain is making tracks across most demographics and in states where Obama held (yesterday was the first day McCain was projected to take Florida.) It’s very tight and Obama still leads the electoral projections, so keep passing the word.

McCain in ’08!!