Only saying no to ObamaCare just won't cut it to win elections, time to aggressively present alternatives

There has been increased support to the idea proposed by Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio and others to defund ObamaCare in order to stop its implementation. While these actions are admirable since this flawed law is proving to be anything but affordable, and its negative effects are reverberating through the economy, there is more crucial role now for the GOP.

Sen. Mike Lee’s points out that since President Obama unilaterally decided not to implement part of the law that he signed gives reason not to authorize funding for it. That alone and the many reasons why the law is becoming a train wreck as one Democrat puts it, will not be enough to convince many Americans why this law needs to be defunded and repealed.

It is prime time for the GOP to aggressively present alternative plans to replace ObamaCare. Being effective in pointing out flaws to disastrous liberal policies or just saying ‘no’ (as liberals and the media will spin it) alone, just won’t cut it if the GOP wants to win elections.

During the fight to prevent ObamaCare passage and ever since, everyday somewhere either as an op-ed in a newspaper, a radio or TV interview, or by a conservative think tank or group, there has been conservative ideas proposed to truly reform healthcare. It time to stop only preaching to choir and take these ideas on the road and tell all Americans while highlighting the implications of what will happen if ObamaCare survives.

There have been pages and hours devoted to outlining the benefits of lowering healthcare costs and increasing it’s quality by: allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines, tort reform, reforming and block granting Medicaid and Medicare to the states, reducing fraud, reforming the FDA and more. However, if many Americans who initially thought ObamaCare would be affordable because it was dubiously called the ‘Affordable Healthcare Act, are now experiencing that it is otherwise and don’t know there are credible alternatives, they will be more apt to listen the campaign rhetoric of President Obama and his comrades in the media who will place blame on the GOP during the budget battle.

As the GOP tries to formulate strategies for outreach and increase its chances of winning elections, there are three basic steps that should be the foundation of these efforts no matter the issue or policy. These are: show up, communicate, and justify its brand using examples why it is the political alternative.

It will need to show up in communities or venues with audiences that might not usually be receptive to the GOP message, but may now listen as ObamaCare takes its toll on job opportunities and families. It will have to communicate in person what it is for and why these ideas are a benefit to every American more so than what it is against, otherwise the media will filter and translate the GOP message for them. Finally the GOP needs to justify their real brand of liberty, free market solutions and limited government and why it is a viable alternative using examples where it has been successful in states and cities that they govern across the country or even similar principled ideas from countries like Chile as opposed to failed socialist models in Europe.

The more the GOP can show up and communicate what it is for to justify itself as an alternative party and not merely just as an opposition, the more the false inevitable political spin against them will become political noise.

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