No Pres. Obama, You Do Not Deserve a Second Term

In the recent interview with Matt Lauer President Obama said, “ I deserve a second term but we’re not done”. Well that’s the problem, if this President gets a second term we would have gone further as a country as being ‘done’.

Ironically, the President’s own arrogance of self-pity words in the ‘reasoning’ behind why he thinks he deserves second term exemplifies why he should not get one. He constantly uses blame of others to abdicate accountability of actually leading.

Again he blames Congress, “What’s frustrated people is that I’ve not been able to force Congress to implement every aspect of what I said in 2008”. Oh really Mr. President? When Mr. Obama came to office his Democrat Party led both the House and the Senate. They enabled him to pass his signature Stimulus and Obamacare Bills, a restructuring of Wall Street without reforming ‘too big to fail’, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (key causes of the recession ran by key donors to Pres. Obama), vast new regulations impeding industries and job creators, multiple housing remedies backed by taxpayers that have failed, plus other anti-growth legislations.

What did America get? Policies that have prolonged this recession and put America in decline, policies like the ones that have bankrupted other countries, a quadrupling of the deficit and a national debt which grew more in 3yrs (about $5 trillion) under President Obama than it did under President G.W Bush in 8yrs.  Mr. Obama had decried that amount added under Pres. Bush as ‘unpatriotic’ when he was a presidential candidate in 2008.

The escalated trajectory of our debt and slow growth under President Obama and the Democrat led (both sides) of Congress put America on a path to lose our triple ‘A’ rating for the first time in history. When the Republicans took over the House, they passed the only Bill (Cut, Cap, and Balance) and passed a budget that S&P rating agency said would avert that downgrade and reverse that trajectory of decline. The Senate still led by Democrats did not even take up the Bill for a vote. Where was the President’s leadership to get his party to take a vote on plan to avert the downgrade? Matt Laurer should have asked him that.

The President on his perpetual campaign and blame Congress has not even once challenged the ‘do nothing’ Democrats that lead the Senate for not passing a budget in over 1000 days and still have no intention of passing one. This has also escaped the scrutiny of the media.

The same ‘do nothing’ Senate leadership has not taken up any of the over 15 jobs Bills passed by the Republican led House. The President in trying to divert attention from his own deficiencies have not led and distinguish between the two sides of Congress and which one is really ‘doing nothing’. 

 After Mr. Lauer mentioned that some voters are “disappointed in you, that you aren’t the transformative figure that they hoped you would be”, Mr. Obama actually tried to even blame the Founding Fathers. He replied, “ Well, you know, it turns out our Founders designed a system that makes it more difficult to bring about change than I would like sometimes. But what we have been able to do is move in the right direction”.

Yes the Founders designed a system of ‘limited government’ and checks and balances of power to be accountable to the people. The people are intended to be the ultimate decision makers of the direction they chose to take.  The goal of liberty was to prevent a few in government to have unrestrained power of enacting the change that only they perceive to ‘benefit’ the majority. The Founders understood that ‘men’ are fallible, and so not absolutely trustworthy and exempt from liability to error, thus reinforcing the concept of limited government. It was people like President Obama the Founders had in mind and that is why those documents are still relevant today.

Therefore the change Mr. Obama thinks every American should have does not supersede the freedom of the people to chose and think for them selves. The office of President is one to serve the will and preserve the freedom of the people, uphold the Constitution, and not to absolutely impose the personal will of the office holder. As such, Mr. Obama definition of moving in the right direction could be countering what the people want as the right direction. Most Americans think the country is moving in the wrong direction.

The ‘Hope and Change’ mantra that propelled Mr. Obama to the Presidency is not the type most Americans were hoping for as we now face debt, doubt, decline and division. It is not a surprise that Pres. Obama has not dusted off those signs to use them again.

In the same interview Pres. Obama said, “ One of the things about being President is you get better as time goes on”. As current Vice President Joe Biden said to then Senator Obama when they were competing in the 2008 primary for the Democratic nomination, “ The Presidency is no position for on the job experience”. Mr. Biden was right then, and still is, at least in this one case. The record of Pres. Obama’s Presidency not only highlights what happens when someone is elected who never ran anything before or had significant legislative experience. It also highlights what happens when this is combined with a determined transformation via ideological fantasies towards a direction that have already failed in other countries.

So when Pres. Obama says, “I deserve a second term but we’re not done”, can we really afford another term to see what a possibly irreversible ‘done’ means?