How do YOU get the word out about the Precinct Strategy?

Our Spartanburg, SC County GOP had a table at our county fair this weekend.  Prominently displayed was a map of our county with the UNORGANIZED precinct highlighted with sticky dots.  It was eye catching, and people stopped to look for where they lived, not even knowing what it was about.

In our discussions with those who stopped by we handed out the following flyer:

Have a voice in the Spartanburg Republican Party!

Right now your voting precinct is not represented by a vote in the Spartanburg Republican Party.  We are inviting you to help organize your precinct and become a Precinct Delegate.  Why?  As a Precinct Delegate:

  • You are the link between candidates—including incumbents—and the people in your neighborhood.
  • You vet candidates.
  • You get to vote in party elections to determine your own county GOP leaders.
  • You can rise inside the party.
  • You are the first line of defense against vote fraud.
  • You get to learn what is happening in your city and state from the inside.
  • You represent the concerns of the Republicans in your neighborhood.
  • You elect the GOP leadership in your county and state.

If you’ve ever wondered why “THEY” don’t do something, this is YOUR opportunity to become “THEY”!

Precincts reorganize once every 2 years; the meetings last about 1 hour.  Each precinct elects a President and an Executive Committeeman (EC), some also elect Secretaries and Vice Presidents.  The Executive Committeeman is the voting member of your precinct at the quarterly county GOP meetings.  If you are interested in holding an office, bring friends and neighbors who are registered voters from INSIDE YOUR PRECINCT to vote for you at the meeting.  Everyone who shows up can become a Precinct Delegate and have a vote at the County Convention.


Our general election date is November 4.  On that date, at some precinct polling places we’ll have a volunteer sitting the required 200 feet from the entrance with a sign “Have a VOTE and a VOICE in Local Party”.  When folks stop to ask about it, we’ll explain how they can come be a precinct delegate at our reorganization meetings which will take place in March 2015.


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