Return to the fold? The Tea Party has burrowed into OUR party!

A good Sunday chuckle as I see the pale pastel Republicans getting giddy over a blog about Tea Partiers returning to the “GOP fold.” We’ve been there all along. And you bet we’re in the fold.

We’re in the precincts. We are the precinct executive committeemen taking the votes at the county GOP meetings. We’re in the fold as County GOP Officers. We’re in the fold as campaign volunteers and advisers. We’re in the fold as candidates. We’re in the fold as thought leaders, as drivers of legislation.

We’re not returning to the fold, we’ve been there all along! We’re just burrowing deeper into our party, taking positions to give us votes in our party, building relationships with legislators who seek us out as subject matter experts as votes come up on the floor. We’re in the fold as media liaisons, as people who are contacted when articles are written about party politics and party decisions.

We’re in the fold as those urging newly awakened GOP activists to discover the platform, align the Constitution to policies, and learn how to vet candidate to both platform and Constitution. Return to the fold? Have you not been paying attention for the past 5 years how much the tea party has folded in to the GOP at every level, from precinct to county to state?

I’ve always felt that soft pink and baby blue and light yellow are kinda clueless colors.