The conservatives who achieved this were those who got involved "inside" our Party. Period.

I’ve posted several blogs on the Spartanburg Tea Party page and by now you’ve seen the news. AZGOP censures John McCain.

My friend ColdWarrior had everything to do with this, along with other like minded, and laser focused patriots in AZ. Today he shared this:

FreedomWorks did not achieve this.

Nor did Tea Party Patriots.

Nor did Americans for Prosperity.

Nor did . . . insert the name of every other 501(c)(3) or (4).

The conservatives who achieved this were those who got involved “inside” our Party.


Today he posted at Redstate:

Arizona GOP State Committeemen censure John McCain — Get “Inside” Our Party. No?

Again, this did not “just happen.” It happened because enough conservatives got inside the Arizona Republican Party by becoming elected precinct committeemen where they live in their own “political neighborhood” — their precinct. Then, they elected enough conservatives to become a voting majority of conservatives.

All the while they were getting to know one another and organizing and uniting to engineer this kind of political action. They read and studied state committee bylaws. They read and studied their county and legislative district committee bylaws. They volunteered for Resolutions Committee duties. Etc.

A few weeks ago Spartanburg County GOP and Spartanburg Tea Party announced plans to begin walking unorganized precincts to find people to become precinct delegates and become voting members in the GOP.

I have posted the walking schedule quite a lot in our daily emails and on our FB page and I included this thought … if you do not participate in growing the Republican Party through organizing precincts …

I cannot take you seriously.

Let me add that if you are trying to bring about positive change toward a freer state/country and the methods you choose entail either leaving the Republican Party or continual negativity and sniping and complaining about the Republican party WITHOUT DEVOTING MUCH OF YOUR TIME AND RESOURCES TO BUILD A STRONGER REPUBLICAN PARTY …

I cannot take you seriously.

The folks in Arizona worked since 2008 on their Precinct Strategy and yesterday their state party censured one of the longest-serving Senators, a former Presidential Candidate. They did this respectfully, but strongly. Here’s a bit more from ColdWarrior when he was asked “Where were all these people in 2010 when we needed them?”

I can tell you where a lot of them were. Many of them had run off to form or join a tea party or 912 group or some other group. Then I and others went to those groups and rallies and told them about the precinct committeeman strategy. Usually the response I would get would be, “What’s a precinct committeeman?” Then some of them “got it” and they became Republican Party precinct committeeman.

Many of them went on to become county chairmen and state committee officers and county committee officers as well. In 2008, over one third of the Republican precinct committeeman slots in Arizona were unfilled. Now, about half are filled. And almost all of the new ones are conservatives. They, in turn, elected the conservative new state committeemen who were there today. In Arizona, each legislative district gets to elect one state committeeman for every three elected precinct committeemen in the district. Thus, if conservatives are in the majority of the precinct committeeman slots of a legislative district committee, they can ensure that all of their state committeeman will be conservatives. And that matters, as we saw today.

I am quite sure that many of the state committee officers did not want the censure resolution to come to a vote. But, because they sensed a clear majority wanted to have the vote they did not try any parliamentary tricks to stop it. Indeed, late last night our state chairman actually called one of the floor managers of the censure resolution and told him that the committee would not put any roadblocks in front of the resolution and he was true to his word.

Here’s the walking schedule from now until the Precinct Organization date of March 8: (Note: You do not have to wait to walk. Anytime in the last few years and anytime in the year leading up to next Precinct Reorganization you can walk your neighborhood and make contacts. Don’t let adherence to the schedule below keep you from participating.)

Boiling Springs HS precinct walk: Saturday February 8, volunteers meet at 9:30 AM at 2251 Old Furnace Road

Chapman Elementary precinct walk: Saturday February 22, volunteers meet at 9:30 AM at 230 Bryant Rd

Mountain View Baptist precinct walk: Saturday March 1, volunteers meet at 9:30 AM at 5555 Parris Bridge Rd

If you are reading this and you do NOT live in Spartanburg County, if you do not even live in South Carolina, you can be the person to take on this mission in your community. You can email me at [email protected] I will help you.

If you live in South Carolina and are of the mind that we need to censure Lindsey Graham statewide … that remains to be seen. But one thing I know … begin walking and working now and next time we need to take such a strong and serious step, we’ll be more likely to be a party who has the structure in place to move forward.

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