Lindsey Graham is a finger in the wind coward

We all have read about the two liberty-destroying treaties (Arms and LOST) being pushed by the Obama Administration.

On July 11 / updated July 16, Jim DeMint posted on his blog that he had the 34 Senators who would stand against the LOST Treaty and ensure its defeat.

I know that people all over, including our folks at the Spartanburg Tea Party have been calling Graham’s office asking about his votes on these treaties. Here is a sample of the responses our folks have been getting:

July 17, 2012
I called both offices this morning and got the usual responses, “The Senator has not made a decision on this legislation.” I asked, “So he is in dither as to how to vote on the most important piece of legislation before the Senate since the U. S. joined the UN?” Reply, “Sir the Senator is very busy with other important legislation.”

July 18, 2012
I also called both offices this morning and was advised he has not made a decision. I told them that I have not made a decision about voting for him in November after looking at his voting record and that he needs to vote for conservative values and that means voting to stop the Law of the Sea Treaty!

Today, July 19, Harry Kibler of RINO Hunt sent me a message that he’d just spoken with Graham’s office, that he will not vote for either treaty and will be adding his name to Jim DeMint’s pledge.

Senator, we no longer need you. Don’t need you to belatedly sign a pledge now that it’s a moot point, now that you held out expressing your stand until that fight was won. And we don’t need you to continue to waffle on crucial issues of liberty while you check with the champagne circuit to see what their wishes are, while patriots like Jim DeMint fight for us.

Cross post from Spartanburg Tea Party