Today I am voting my Marketplace Ballot

Although I’ve been blogging about this topic for a couple of years, I stole the term “Marketplace Ballot” from this article at American Thinker by Bruce Walker:

Every time conservatives stop watching CNN or take children out of public schools or stop supporting an organization which was once benignly neutral on ideological issues, conservatives cast marketplace ballots that count.

I have subscribed to People Magazine for 30 years. I had to check that math… how can anyone do ANYTHING for 30 years!!!

But I have. It’s my Saturday night reading each week. A mindless guilty pleasure, accompanied by either a diet Dr. Pepper or a hot chocolate, depending on the season.

I’ve kept up with pop culture that way, all the while ignoring the glorification of progressive libs like Clooney, Hanks, Affleck, Damon … that crowd.

But today I’m choosing not to renew my subscription. They won’t miss me. No one will notice. I’ll notice big time and will selfishly miss that weekly infusion of fashion … latest books and movie reviews … covert look into the lives of the rich and famous and somewhat interesting.

But I’m determined to fight the war on America in every way, on every battlefield, at every opportunity. Today … People Magazine. Take That!

What are you doing with your Marketplace Ballot?

(cross post from Spartanburg Tea Party)